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Aug 21, 2006 04:19 AM

craving a cobb salad... wheres the best?

I tried to go to mixt greens and cafe venue today for a cobb salad but both were closed on a sunday... and im not looking forward to trying to park around there again any time soon. what other places that arent right next to union square have a great cobb salad?

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  1. Caffe' Centro in South Park (btw 2nd and 3rd and Brannan) serves a very good Cobb Salad. It's mostly a lunch place (busy during the week) but also open on Sat.

    Eating at the sidewalk tables at Centro or on the picnic table in the park might be worth the trip itself. If you haven't been to South Park before, you'd think you're in Europe.

    1. If you're downtown, Cafe Medeleine on California @ Battery makes a great Cobb.

      1. My favorite cobb salad is from Miss Millie's, which used to be on 24th street in noe valley, but moved to rockridge a few months ago.

        The cobb salad at Chow is also good--its at church and market in the castro, unfortunately not an easy place to park, but easy to get to on public transport.

        Luna Park on Valencia and 18th has a decent but not amazing cobb salad.

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          Miss Millie's isn't in Rockridge yet, it has a location, but no word on the opening.

          And I've liked the cobb salad at Town Hall in the past.

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            I was going to suggest Park Chow which has the same Cobb as Chow - I love it.

          2. Chloe's on Church st. in Noe Valley has one the size of the table!

            1. Canvas on the corner of Lincoln and 9th Ave. across from GG Park has a great Cobb Salad. Groovy greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, chicken, Niman bacon, Cambanzola cheese and a wonderful hard crust roll with coarse salt on top. Yumm!!