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Aug 21, 2006 04:12 AM


Gotta go to a luau, what kind of beer should I bring? Mahalo!

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  1. I've only had one Hawaiian beer, Fire Rock Pale Ale, and I was surprised by how good it was on tap.

    1. I just wasted, I mean, invested, an hour on You can check reader opinions on Hawaiian brews starting from this page:
      I don't have a sense of what that site's biases are, but you may get an idea from surfing around. Happy reading. :-


      (By the way, the ones I've seen the most are the products of the Kona Brewing Company. I think they might carry them at Costco in the islands.)

      1. FYI - the Shake Shack in NYC has Kona Brewing Company beer on tap - so it's plausible that the beer is available (at least by the keg) in the NYC area. May not help the original poster, but I'd never seen it before...

        1. Hinano is Hawaiian for standard American Lager.

          Kona brewing is a nice little brewpub but the Kona you're getting on tap (Longboard lager and Fire Rock) are Annheiser Busch products brewed in the continental U.S. They have a licensing deal with Kona similar to what they have with Red Hook.

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          1. re: Kevin B

            Anheuser-Busch does not have a licensing deal with Redhook (or Widmer, or Kona). I forget the details of the Kona deal, but IIRC it's brewed under contract by Redhook or Widmer. AB owns non-majority shares of Widmer and Redhook and those brewers generally sell through AB wholesalers.

            1. re: Jim Dorsch

              The details: (based on a recent cover story in "Beverage Industry" magazine)-

              Craft Brewers Alliance (the merged Widmer-Redhook companies) owns 20% of Kona and 40% of Goose Island. A-B-InBev owns 36% of "CBA" .

              Both *bottled* and kegged Kona brands on the mainland are also brewed at a CBA facility (obviously, most of the East Coast gets it from Redhook NH). Early labels were somewhat deceptive (the TTB made them change some wording on the labels that implied it was brewed in Hawaii) but the fine print is pretty clear on the current versions.

          2. We're catering a wedding here in Astoria for a couple who would like to highlight our local seafoods AND foods from his Hawaiian culture. They'd love some Hawaiian beers to drink with the Kahlua pork. Any idea where to find them in the NW?

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            1. re: atkisch

              Not exactly sure where Astoria is, but I highly recommend Maui Brewing's CoCoNut Porter which can be found at BevMo (at least in SoCal) and probably other places too.

              1. re: DougOLis

                Seconded; this is tasty stuff. Don't expect an overwhelming coconut get a lot more coconut on the nose. Bonus that it's in cans.

              2. re: atkisch

                A quick search of Belmont Station (in Portland) shows that they have a few Kona Brewing beers in stock, so I'd assume that it is available in your state. The easiest thing to do is to ask your local retailer in Astoria to order a few cases for you; you could find out who the distributor is by contacting the brewery and let your retailer know who to order from.