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Aug 21, 2006 04:12 AM

Review: Pomme Lambic, Hitachino's Nest, Caballero Aguila - Hurrah for Surfas!

I had to say, out of all the new boards, this is my favorite. I am a HUGE brew/booze hound and sadly haven't posted much because as one of my last posts here mentioned, I hadn't food a beer shop in my new neighborhood to my liking yet!! But all those things changed a few weeks ago when I was doing one of my regular stop at Sufas Restaurant Supply and took the time to look over their new Beer and Wine Section!! I was totally impressed by their selection, but worried that they might not handle he beer correctly or that they were SO rare, they might be old... So I decided to give it a shot with two beers Hitachino's Nest, and Caballero Aguila. Also, I noticed that Bristol Farms is now carrying the Pomme Lambic, so I decided to give it a try after a few rant and rave posts here on the board...

* Pomme Apple Lambic: We had this with our dinner of Chicken Breast roasted with Thyme and Garlic, sauteed spinach and rosemary red potatoes.

And It was... very interesting. It totally went down really smooth, but the flavor was a bit muddled. The best way to describe it is that it tasted like beer with a slightly Jolly Rancher Green Apple aftertaste. We're still on the fence on having it again, because it was really refreshing, went well with dinner. But we were hoping for a more clean apple taste. This was NOT like Hard Cider at all...

* Hitachino's Nest - White Ale: We paired this with a Cheese Plate of Several Strong Oozy Cheeses, figs and Salumi. Just as I expected, it was light and refreshing, but the taste was complex, almost herbal, so much better than any of the Japanese standards. It had absolutely no sign of being stored badly or it being old (So, YAY Surfas!) and it's something I would DEFINATLY purchase again. Plus, I'm starting to see this brand more and more as I'm out (perhaps because of Surfas!). I saw it originally at Sushi Karen and this past week at Beechwood. :)

* Caballero Aguila - Surfas had CASES of this stuff for Ultra cheap. I kinda tempered my expectations as like the Hitachino's Nest, I had heard raves before, but a Mexican Stout... seeing would be believing...

We had it as is. No pairing. Upon pouring it into a tall beer glass, I saw how thick it was, it was almost soupy! It had VERY little carbonation. We were kinda glad to have it on it's own, it looked like more of a meal than a Guiness. Upon first taste however, the flavor was rich, but CLEAN. Again, not a sign of skunkiness, not a bit of stale flavor. I admit, I'm not a stout girl, but this had to be one of the best tasting ones I've had. I'm buying a case for my dad... an old skool Negro Modelo fan... he's going to go CRAZY for this...

Here's a picture of all the brews... i can't wait to head to surfas to try some more and of course i will report back...



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  1. Try the Hitachino Nest Red Rice. Now that is an interesting beer.

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      You beat me to the punch!

      They're a great brewery, on the whole.

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        Hitachino makes some truly amazing beers. I just recently tried their Sweet Stout and was pretty impressed. I like the Red Rice as well, though my favorite is their Japanese Classic Ale. It's an IPA aged in cedar casks. Sublime!

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          I haven't tried the ginger yet--any opinions? The lacto is strange, not sure I would do that one again. Their wheat/weizen/lagers are delicious-if they were cheaper I'd buy them more often.

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            Wow - didn't know they had a ginger one. Haven't seen that out here - I will have to try it. When I first saw the lacto I didn't get it - I wasn't sure what "sweet stout" was and wasn't inclined to drop $9 to find out. Recently though I became aware of this style, and after learning about it and sampling a few, came to appreciate its unique flavor profile.

            I also haven't had the weizen or lager you speak of. The only varieties I've seen in my area are the White Ale (which I love), Sweet Stout, Red Rice, Japanese Classic, and the annual New Years release (my opinion of those varies year-to-year).

            I agree about the price. That's the only thing stopping me from having a fridge full of their beer.

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        The Red Rice is crazy and I just can't get into it. I had it at a tutored tasting w/Michael Jackson in Philly a few months ago (poor Michael seemed like he was still hungover from the night before).

      3. (ugh, I hate this limited reply tier system - this was meant for Josh)


        listing of their full offerings with ratings.

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          Thanks for the tip. I will try and find it.

        2. Your post strengthens my resolve never to buy Lindeman's Lambic again. Jolly Rancher is right! It tastes like candy masquerading as beer. Sigh. Oh well.

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          1. I'm thinking the regular gueuze is filtered, and maybe not so dry as Cuvee Rene, but it's been a long time. Have you had it recently?

            1. I love the Cuvee Rene. From what I read in Garrett Oliver's book, the owner of Lindeman's is a big fan of traditional lambics - he just knows that there's more money to be made with the sweet ones. He makes the Cuvee Rene to satisfy his own craving for the real stuff.

              That said, I still prefer Oud Beersel's gueuze (when I can find it).