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Aug 21, 2006 03:03 AM


I've seen some derogatory remarks about La Frite, and some remarks about the food being just mediocre. I beg to differ. I went there for brunch today with a couple of friends. I enjoyed what was probably the best french toast I've ever had. Just loved it. Thick slices of bread ... a nice sprinkling of miscellaneous berries, and a choice of maple syrup or fresh whipped cream. I opted for the whipped cream ... sooo good! The coffee was good too! My friends responded with equally postive remarks! Different strokes for different folks, eh?

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  1. I like La Frite, yet have never done brunch there, nor many other places for that matter.
    Did you go to Sherman Oaks whose setting is much better than the one in Woodland Hills? Great little bistro that has been around forever, given the age of the Valley restaurant scene. Very reliable dinner also.

    1. So good to hear such news. I recently suggested for another thread. I was a frequent patron to the Woodland Hills La Frite back in the days when it was called Yellowfingers. Loved their chicken salad with fresh pineapple and slivered almonds. Anyone remember??? :) KQ

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        Love(d) that salad! Love all of 'em really. The nicoise; the spinach, bacon, and chicken; the walnuts and asparagus... but wasn't it duck with the pineapple and almonds? Who knows. It's all good.

      2. i want to add another very enthusiastic review for La Frite...I LOVE this restaurant. I get the moules frite...mussels and french fries, which is always excellent and for me as good as what I get in France. I've never had this dish in the U.S. anywhere near this good!! I start with the steamed artichoke and finish with the moules and it is heaven on earth!!!

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          Cimero - Love your choices!!! I think it's time for a revisit and, for me to try your meal.

          To NeNePie: No, it was always chicken breast. I DON'T eat duck.

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            You really should try duck - it has soooooo much flavor, and, like chicken, can be prepared in many different ways, not just with the cloying sweet sauces. Order it rare to maximize flavor!

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              Sorry Carter...Used to be vegan. It's all I can do now to eat a chicken (and seafood) :)KQ

        2. I was a happy Yellowfingers customer. I'm a happy La Frite customer now, though I much prefer the Woodland Hills location. The food is usually better there! We asked the waiter about it once and he said that a lot of the basics are made at the Woodland HIlls location and shared between the two, and that the more serious chefs are at WH. I can't vouch for that statement but I can say the food seems consistently better over there. The chocolate souffle is much, much better in WH. I'm very fond of their salads, which are made with care, and the mussels and chopped steak are also terrific.

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            I have only eaten in the Woodland Hills version once, and that alone deters me from a rerun, in that I felt like I was in a cafeteria, sans line. Seemed like an open barn with no allure whatsoever, as opposed to the coziness/true French bistro feel of the Sherman Oaks unit.
            cimero - I almost always get the same app and entree. True goodness.

          2. Ahh, well yes the atmosphere in Sherman Oaks is nice and cozy for sure!