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Good Russian Restaurant

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I have never been to a Russian restauraant and would like to try the food. Does anyone know of a good one?


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  1. If you're looking for Russian food, I'd say Traktir on Santa Monica and Fairfax in WeHo.

    1. Uzbekistan on Sunset in Hollywood.

      1. Diaghilev in West Hollywood..it's a little expensive but Zagat rates it high in all respects.

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          Don't eat at Diaghilev. It is a class example of a bad steer by Zagat. You might consider searching some of the dismal experiences members have had there in the past (including me).

          Traktir is very tasty.

          1. re: JudiAU

            Actually Diaghilev isn't an option as it closed a year ago, the hotel changed hands, and Gordon Ramsey (of London restaurant fame) is going to open something there spring of 2007.

            Here is the backup:


            1. re: JBC

              Thanks for the update. I would have loved, loved, loved Gordon Ramsey's reaction to the meal I had there.