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Aug 21, 2006 02:12 AM

where's a New Yorker to get a great peameal bacon sandwich and other great chow?

I'd never heard of a peameal bacon sandwich until I scanned the thread below. I will be in Toronto Monday to Friday, so that eliminates St. Lawrence Market, right? Anywhere else to have a creditable version?

This will be our first trip to Toronto and, after a little research, I came up with the following culinary itinerary: Avalon, Susur, Senses, North 44, Scaramouche (2-3 of the above), plus Rose Cafe, Kensington Kitchen, Vanipha Lanna.

As the list is slanted to fancy restaurants, I'm looking to add some super-delicious rustic ethnic chow. Spicy or odd or far flung chow acceptable. Any ideas?

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  1. St Lawrence Market is open during the week so you can still pick up your peameal bacon sandwich.

    Also, Avalon has been closed since March I think. Chris McDonald's new place, Cava is pretty good though.

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      Just to be clear - the St Lawrence Market is open Tuesday to Saturday. The Carousel Bakery is a good spot for a peameal sandwich.

    2. kensington market is a great place for "rustic ethnic chow". it's actually the name of a small neighbourhood as opposed to an enclosed market like the st. lawrence market (also, not to be confused with the great middle eastern restaurant you mentioned, kensington kitchen). roughly it is bordered by college st, spadina ave, dundas st, and bellevue ave.

      lots of small takeout places, bakeries, produce stands and shops. there's an ecletic mix of regional foods represented: latin, portugeuse, middle eastern, west indies, etc. take a look at the recent discussions on kensington market for specific suggestions. my personal faves are el gordo for empanadas, akram for falafels and shwarma, big fat burrito for california style burritos, moonbeam cafe for coffee . . . it's a great place to wander around and try a bite at a bunch of places. for twenty bucks you can have quite the eating experience.

      the great thing is kensington borders chinatown (that is, chinatown west. we have a bunch of them). so you're moments away from more inexpensive goodies like vietnamese subs, northern chinese dumplings . . .

      1. Susur is closed during August for vacation.
        The chef is about to leave (may have gone already) at Senses - and a recent visit didn't impress.
        Add Chiado for sophisticated Portuguese (see many threads).
        And Splendido is probably the best-performing all-round upscale place right now.

        1. There are so many 'rustic' ethinic places that will look even more rustic after iyour visits to the restaurants you have listed above.

          You can pick up 'Cheap Eats Torono 2006' for lots of ideas. I would suggest New Bilan which is just East of Younge on Dundas. This is a Somalian joint with very very 'rustic' decor and no printed menus. I love the chicken stew.

          Also, Bairadda Chasquerria on College just West of Dufferin is good for some delish but bare bones Portugese.


          1. Hey Skillet Licker,
            I'm a Toronto hound, but am in Manhattan right now. Loving it here, too. About your back-bacon-on-a-bun search, I'd go to the Farmers' Market on Wednesday in Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall. There is a great peameal bacon there. It's at Grandpa Ken's stand (the only one there, I think).
            I always get one on Saturdays when he's at the Weston Farmers' Market. About 5 thick slices on a kaiser with fried onions. At the Weston Market, they always have lots of fresh tomatoes to put on too. Have fun.

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            1. re: Yongeman

              Thanks for the peameal directions to Carousel Bakery and Grandpa Ken's, and for the alert on the closings of Avalon and Sensur (Aug.), and for the tips on Chiado and New Bilan, and everything else. Will report back...