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Aug 21, 2006 01:50 AM

Sweet Potatoes When It's Hot Out?

I love sweet potatoes. Usually, I just make a baked dish w/brown sugar, salt, pepper & butter. But it's so hot out.

Anyone know any hot weather sweet potato dishes? Not pie.

Maybe a cold soup? Or - a sweet potato salad?

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  1. They roast well on a grill. Puree them, add a lot of spices, maybe some yogurt - bharta doesn't have to be eggplant.

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    1. re: noahbirnel

      Yes grilled!
      Slice them real thin the long way if you can (a mandoline is handy but you can do your best without), lightly coat with olive oil and lemon juice s&p, or canola and lime and something spicy like smoked paprika.
      Grill them like potato chips.
      You can eat them like that or go a step further and make some kind of a salad with them.

    2. Though I've not yet tried it, sweet potatoes go very well with chipotles, Alton Brown recipe link below:

      1. You can 'bake' them in a microwave and just add butter or whatever you like adding to baked sweet potatoes.

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          I've found they are much moister when roasted in the oven - though this could end up heating up the kitchen which guess is counterproductive in the heat!

        2. you can also make a sweet potato mash that also tastes great chilled. using a basic mashed potato recipe, just substitute a similar amount of sweet potatoes. add a touch of honey and some cracked pepper and you've got a great side. i've also varied this by folding in chopped cilantro or crumbled goat cheese for a richer mash.

          1. I love them grilled on the George Foreman. And they're great sliced cold in salad, I just bake them and let them cool down.

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              On the Foreman... do you do them whole? Cut 'em up? So curious!

              1. re: LoDega

                I slice them however and do a slight marinade, maybe with maple syrup or brown sugar. I think I got the idea and/or recipe out of the booklet that came with it. I was amazed how good they were.