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Aug 21, 2006 01:29 AM

Cheap eats in Vegas

Looking for a good, cheap steak dinner in Vegas...on the strip or downtown.

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  1. Although I have never been, there is talk on the board about Ellis Island casino and their $4.95 steak dinner. Apparently it is quite good and comes with all the fixins'. The dinner is available 24/7, so no waking up at 4am for a steak dinner.

    The casino is on Paradise Blvd, behind Bally's and Paris. It is covered in green neon. If you search the board, you can probably get info on the exact kind of steak and where it is.

    1. The directions to Ellis Island are correct, but it is on Koval Lane. You cannot beat the price of the filet cut sirloin steak special. Be aware that it is not on the menu though a photo of it graces the cover of the menu.

      1. Great! Thanks so much for the directions as well.