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Best Cape Cod chow on a student budget?

It'll be my boyfriend's first time at the Cape (actually to New England in general!) and I can't wait to introduce lobster rolls and real clam chowder to him. However, any suggestions for places other than seafood shacks, yet not the crazy ritzy prices?

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  1. What part of the Cape will you be visiting?

    1. In Orleans or Hyannis, Cooke's Seafood...in Orleans specifically, very consistently good.

      In Eastham, I'd recommend Arnold's during the summer. Stay away from Lobster Shanty, a tourist trap. Eastham Lobster Pool is much better though overpriced. Friendly Fisherman is just a slight notch above "seafood shack", but is very good.

      In Wellfleet, Moby Dick's.

      1. In Orleans, Land Ho and the Binnacle and both reasonably priced with good food. We also like the Bookstore restaurant in Wellfleet for drinks and appetizers since it is right near the water. You could also hit up the Beachcomber!

        1. We're going to be in Mid-Cape, but since it's his first trip we'll probably be driving around to explore the sites. Also will be going up to Plymouth Plantation for a daytrip.

          1. I would not recommend Cooke's, it is over-priced for tourist-oriented seafood. I would recommend going to Sir Crickets, nearby on Rt 6A.

            1. Cheap eats mid cape you could possibly squeeze in Kreme N' Kone on rte 28 @ the Rte 134 intersection. Best onion rings and their chowder is fantastic.
              Also you could try Jasons Tavern in the Patriot Square Mall on Rte 134- typical bar/pub food with a few special entrees.
              I love Clancy's on Upper County Road- my favorite place to go at least this year.

              1. Thanks for the ideas! My mouth is already drooling...

                1. Try Cooke's...we really like it. it's kind of a fast food atmosphere, but the food is definitely fresh. Moby Dick's is awesome in Wellfleet. Have fun...we're on our way tomorrow am.

                  1. If you want to experience true Cape Cod cheap eats, stick with the clam shacks. IMHO Jason's is like any other cheap pub in any other city..no disrespect. Capt. Frosty's in Dennis, JT's in Brewster..how about Sir Cricket in Orleans...the little fish markets have some darn good eats. George's on 28 before the 400 Hundred has fish and chips...ok, not Cape Coddie but Georges Pizza in Harwich Port has super pizza..Chatham Fish House has a mean fish taco and cheap..oh the choices...what about Liam's at Nauset Beach?? YUMMY

                    1. I second or third the Sir Cricket's recommendations for seafood on the (relatively) cheap.....the best as far as I'm concerned. Better prices than Cookes and better food, too. Try El Guapo's in Brewster on 6A for yummy burritos very reasonably priced. Onion rings at Kate's also in Brewster are the same as Liam's at Nauset Beach (same owner) Kate's is near Paine's Creek, a great place to watch the sun set over the bay. Capt. Frosty's in Dennis a good stop as well.

                      1. Sir Cricket, Kate's and JTs are all fine clam shack choices for cheap eats, but Captain Frosty's? Please! It's one of the biggest tourist rips in the entire Cape. Small portions of so-so food at exhorbitant prices. Cooke's (not the Orleans one who is a different owner, but the Hyannis or Mashpee one, puts out excellent fare but is not on the 'cheap' side. Georges Pizza is okay if you like typical Greek greasy pizza. I much prefer Sweet Tomatoes in Sandwich or Showtime in Dennis. El Guapo's is good cheap eats as is Box-Lunch for wraps and sandwiches. The Brazilian Grille in Hyannis is very reasonable and tasty, especially if you go really hungry!

                        1. If you make it to Chatham, The Captain's Table is great - it has one of my favorite lobster rolls on the cape.

                          1. The A&W Root Beer stand on Rt 28 near Harwich-Dennis line stays on my list. I favor the whole clams but there is something for everyone.

                            1. I like JT's Seafood. It's just down the road in Brewster from Cobee's, which also has its charms. And there's a great little place right on Sesuit Harbor where you can watch the sunset and eat excellent lobster rolls. But I don't think I would have been able to eat lobster rolls on my student budget! They're pretty pricey, even at the shacks.

                              Another option to consider is one of the many seafood shops that will cook a lobster of your choice for you and each person in your group. You pick it (them) up hot, they've cracked it, and you take it home and feast. We usually just make a big salad and boil some water for corn and have a splendid meal for relatively little cash.

                              1. Arnold's was a great suggestions - even the chicken tenders were yummy!