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Aug 21, 2006 01:02 AM

Best fish market on Oahu

I'm looking for a wholesale fish market that has a huge variety of fresh caught sea creatures. Is this on the big island or is there one on Ohau?
We are staying two nights at the Hilton Hawaii Village and then taking a cruise.
Also, is there a seafood restaurant that has fresh caught fish like goat fish?

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  1. There is a wholesale fish auction, United Fishing Agency at pier 38. Kind of resembles the fish auction at Tsukiji in Japan but on a much smaller scale. There is a tour of the auction on Saturdays I believe with a talk radio dj named Mike Buck. On the Big Island there's the Suisun fish auction in Hilo. If you're wanting to buy some fresh fish I'd suggest going to Tamashiro Market in Kalihi on Oahu.

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      I think you can also buy at the fish auction. If you go to the tour just ask, but tamashiros is also a great alternative.