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Aug 21, 2006 12:55 AM

So sad -- Formica Bakery in Atlantic City

This little Italian bakery was just wonderful! Tasty cannolis. Amazing bread. The yummiest pignoli nut cookies. I tried to go this past weekend and the tiny shop run by the nice little Italian grandmother was gone. In its place was a fancy shmancy coffee bar (under same name) with seemingly SUBSTANDARD goods. The woman behind the counter looked utterly confused when I asked about the almond macaroons. This whole situation was so disappointing that I decided to just leave. Better to have the good memories untarnished by the taste of bad pastries.

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  1. Has the actual bakery operation closed/changed hands or have they only given up the storefront? They supply the bread to White House across the street, the implications are huge...

    1. I did eat at the Whitehouse beforehand. (It was supposed to be an afternoon of tasty, cheap AC dining). Anyways, I didn't notice anything different about the sub-bread. Phew.

      My fear is that the Formica bakery owners sold the store and the bread recipe, but kept their tasty dessert secrets to themselves. While not the tragedy it could have been, this would be very, very sad.

      1. Liz G--

        I have it on very good authority that the owners are the same family that have owned the bakery for the last century. The cannoli and bread recipes are also the same. I know the company expanded and updated their look in the front store in order to attract more customers and appeal to the older loyal customers as well. Many people who come in are regulars from many years ago who are still supportive of the family. New biscotti have been introduced and a few cookies were taken away because not many people actually bought them. The owner's mother (an italian grandmother) actually works in the store alongside some younger associates. Many of the older ladies who previously worked in the store were not related to the family whatsoever.

        This is a favorite bakery of mine. I think it would be wise to try to understand this small business is trying to cope with the times and the attitudes of people nowadays. Merely turning away from a business because one experience was inconsistent with those in the past is somewhat unfair and possibly damaging to one of the last remaining Italian bakeries in South Jersey. I'm sure that if you called them, they would be happy to help you find similar almond macaroons.

        1. Have no fear! If you have a car, you should still be able to enjoy the wonderful products from Formica Bakery. They are opening a store in Northfield. Check this out: