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Aug 21, 2006 12:48 AM

Indus Village (My Vote)

32 threads mention this place in the last year so there isn't a lot to say.

Just thought I'd throw one more vote on the positive pile.

Naan fair.
Rice good.
Curries very good.
Tandoor fantastic.
Young hostess inefficient but very friendly.

The chicken tikka masala was good but not my ideal, but honestly this place has so much more to offer.


1920 San Pablo Ave

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  1. I agree, the goat curry is very flavorful and goes great with the basmati rice.. I tried the tandoori chicken breast and found it tender but overwhelmingly salty. Is that typical for the tandoor dishes there?

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    1. re: cornypuff

      The tandoori chicken is salty, but not saltier than I would've expected. I've only been once, however. Perhaps a more expert opinion will happen along...


    2. As far as your Naan review, have you tried different kinds? I've been sticking to the regular as it comes with the combo meals (which I've been getting of late) but I keep on wanting to try the others.

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      1. re: lmnopm

        I had the garlic naan. It was just okay.