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Aug 20, 2006 11:55 PM

best japanese in South Beach?

NYC Chowhounds coming to SB over Labor day, my amazing wife is having her birthday, and I want to take her out to a wonderful diner! Ideally, a beautiful spot with exceptional food. $ is pretty open, it's a special occasion. It's my first time to Florida, so I am completely in the dark!
Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Japanese is not Miami's strong suit. If I had to pick somewhere, it would either be Nobu or Bond Street. Nobu has the nicer atmosphere out of the two.

    1. NOBU for sure.

      Another NYC transplant you may want to try is Dragon Sushi at China Grill.

      As for MIA joints, step down to Shoji or even Toni's. For good sushi(read not great like the two from NYC) and an awesome view try Sushi Siam on Lincoln Rd. The US's first pedestrian mall is lined with cafes and cool shops. Siam also affords you the opportunity to go both ways with Japanese and Thai. Order your Thai-Thai spicy and hang on for dear life!