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Chile con Queso in LA

Being a native texan, I LOVE chile con queso!! But I live in LA so I am only able to get my texas queso fix once-twice a year.

So I have started putting together a list of places to get queso in LA

So far I have
Granada in Burbank
Joselitos in Tujunga
Marix Tex Mex in West Hollywood

Any other known places?

PS. Andddddd I really don't dig the velveeta stuff. Maybe I've had it 1 too many times to satisfy the queso crave haha.

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  1. When I get desperate, I drive to On the Border. Have you actually been to Marix? Is it real Tex Mex?

    1. La Cabanita in Montrose on Verdugo Rd. serves it up with hand made corn tortillas. It's ultra-cheesey, with chorizo, not like Joselitos on Honolulu, Montrose. Joselitos uses green chiles, no meat and they add something like cream or milk to the cheese to smooth it out a little.

      1. I haven't been, but I believe La Parilla is suppose to have good queso fundido.


        1. La Parilla makes it with a choice of chorizo or mushrooms, but am not sure if they have it on the menu with chile.

          1. Unfortunately, Marix is definitely fake tex mex. Not too big of a fan of On the Border, but maybe I should give it another try.

            Queso fundido is different than chile con queso. Like Sassille said, chile con queso is more creamy and queso fundido is more just like if you melt cheese in a bowl and do not add anything to it. (except some yummy chorizo on top!)

            Thanks for some more recommendations!!

            1. Yeah, On the Border is definately not the best, but it does have "real" queso. And sometimes you just gotta have it! I usually get a to go order of queso, tortillas, chips and salsa, and maybe chicken empanadas, then take it home and make fajitas or tacos.

              I haven't really found any other Tex Mex queso. Sounds like Joselito's could be okay, but I don't really get to Tujunga very often!

              1. haha Yah I kno, I felt crazy for driving to Tujunga but I'm on a mission!

                Found another place with queso. The service isn't that good, but the queso is not bad. Still not the holy queso grail that I'm seaching for...

                Mucho MAS
                10405 Burbank Blvd
                North Hollywood, CA

                1. Merix is okay - best I have found in actually a little place in Venice called the Brickhouse. Suprisingly good!

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                    Hey icecreamcorey, Thanks for the queso props. I am from corpus christi and went to UT Austin. We have the real deal when it comes to queso. nest time your in the brickhouse, introduce yourself. I'll buy the first round of queso. Tony

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                      I eat at the Brickhouse very frequently. A breakfast burrito with a side of queso is pretty much my favorite breakfast on earth.

                  2. I have been looking for a place that serves chile con queso or Queso fundido with flower tortilla chips. Now that is the cat's pajamas! Anyone know where I can get that?

                    1. Casa Pulido in Redondo has a pretty good cheesy fundido as I recall.

                      1. The closest I have ever come is the one that they serve at Banderas. I know - a chain restaurant. My folks are SMU alums and was raised in the Southwest. Not the complete real deal, but a lot closer than some of the other places I have tried. I think you have to literally live in the southwest to understand Queso Fundido tex mex style. Marix tries, but just doesn't get the whole flavor profile and consistency.

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                          My sister went to SMU. Where is a Banderas in LA?

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                            Check on Houston's website. It's the same company. There's one in WLA outside Westwood.

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                              Bandera is on the south-west corner of Wilshire and Barrington...

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                                That's it. The only other one in this area is in Corona Del Mar.

                          2. Mexicali on Ventura in Studio City...it doesn't knock my socks off, but it's nice to share with a couple people. Not hugely spicy, though.

                            1. Hi - I was actually looking for a good LA chile con queso place today for a friend coming into town who requested it. Followed up the Banderas tip above and wanted to mention that they don't serve chile con queso. That's what they told me! Just wanted you all to know. However Don Cuco in Glendale does, just haven't tried it yet.

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                                Sadly Don Cuco does not serve chile con queso. Their chile con queso is queso fundido - just melted cheese. But whats funny is I stopped at Baja Fresh and they have started serving chile con queso! But they call it Smokey Queso Fundido. It was pretty spicy but not bad.

                                I have heard Qdoba Mexican Grill serves chile con queso too! Anyone been?

                              2. OK, you got my taste buds attention on this reawakened topic. Since I don't have any queso to recommend, might as well EXPAND ALL and do the 'maxzook':

                                Joselito's Mexican Food
                                2345 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

                                La Cabanita
                                3447 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208

                                Casa Pulido
                                228 Avenue I, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

                                Brick House Cafe
                                826 Hampton Dr, Venice, CA 90291

                                On the Border Mexican Grill
                                6081 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045

                                La Parrilla
                                3129 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

                                Mucho Mas
                                10405 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

                                Marix Tex Mex Cafe
                                1108 N Flores St, West Hollywood, CA 90069

                                Mexicali Cocina Cantina
                                12161 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

                                1. Antonio's on Melrose
                                  La Parillia - don't forget the guacamole
                                  La Casita in La Quinat, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage

                                  My favorite heart attack on a plate!

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                                    Mods -- please don't ban me. I'm sorry for my tongue-in-cheek "Pantry" report of a few weeks ago. I was off my meds again. It won't ever, ever happen again, I promise.

                                    This is serious business, this foodie stuff.

                                    Anyway, onto the subject at hand.

                                    Cinnamon Kitten and I recently had the "pleasure" of ordering Don Cuco's (Burbank) queso fundido. Man, talk about taking the "fun" out of "fundido."

                                    Sorry for the awful pun, but it befits the appetizer in question.

                                    If your idea of queso fundido is a solid chunk of semi-melted cheddar cheese in a bowl -- a chunk so congealed that one dip of a chip will easily lift the entire cheesy conglomeration out of the bowl, assuming the chip is made of titanium -- with a few canned green chiles mixed in, well, have at it. Don't let me deter you in any way, shape, or form.

                                    It was basically inedible. Too solid. If this is truly what fundido is meant to be, how do you ACCESS the stuff? With a pneumatic straw and a pair of iron lungs?

                                    I pondered rolling the thing into a ball and tossing it at the waiter who had an annoying habit of saying "It's not HOT -- it's SPICY." The way he elongated the word "spicy" into "spy-zeeeeeeee" was the scallion that broke the salsa's back.

                                    There used to be a family run place in the valley, the name escapes me in my addled mental state. I have a t-shirt in the closet (along with a few skeletons, but that's another post for another board, isn't it?) that the sweet woman who owned the place gave me about 10 years ago. Locations on Magnolia in Burbank and one on either Victory or Van Owen at Woodman in Van Nuys, across from the Circuit City. It's now a "Tequilas" or some such nonsense. Hey, dollar shots and televised soccer!

                                    Anyway, apparently the husband died and the family struggled with the place(s), eventually selling out to the dreaded "Tequilas" people.

                                    This rambling introduction serves no purpose other than to indicate that this particular place had the best queso fundido I've ever had the pleasure of slurping. Creamy-yet-firm mildly sharp(!) cheddar cheese, nice and toasty-warm, with fresh roasted green and red chiles and mild sweet onion mixed within the goodness, topped with a little chorizo and a wonderful sprinking of thinly-sliced scallions, served with their warm, fresh-n-salty tortilla chips.

                                    "Authentico" or not, I loved the stuff, just couldn't get enough of it. Tried the chili con queso at Mucho Mas the other night and was totally Velveeta'd. I may have even Cheese Whizzed, I don't recall, but I won't be ordering THAT monstrosity again, in case anyone was wondering.

                                    Chips and salsa to all....