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Aug 20, 2006 10:22 PM

SF hound visits MV

I just returned from Martha's Vineyard and was underwhelmed by the food available there. I was with my young kids, so we didn't eat out, but I'm used to amazing produce, meats, etc. here in northern California and couldn't find much on MV. I went to Morning Glory Farm (good letuce but not much else) and a few other small stands but didn't see much that was sustainably raised, tasty, picked at the peak of ripeness, etc. Did I miss something?

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  1. No responses, eh? Anybody? Is there good food to be had on Martha's Vineyard?

    1. Well, restaurant-wise, the Beach Plum Inn and Restaurant is very good. It's in Menemsha. I also like Atria (in Edgartown) quite a bit.

      Can't help you on the farms issue, sorry.

      1. well, you were on an island the size of a postage stamp. Did you happen to notice any large farms or ranches like you might find in the state of California which has a major highway system to truck in items? Did you go over on a ferry - see a lot of extra room on it for shipping?

        Did you try the local seafood?

        Too bad you didn't go out to eat - a lot of excellent restaurants which are able to source local produce, cheeses, meats etc that aren't available at kronig's or the A & P.

        Morning Glory Farm? mmm excellent pie