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Aug 20, 2006 10:12 PM

Santorini-style tomato keftedes in Toronto?

I recently spent some time in Greece and discovered tomato keftedes, a specialty on the island of Santorini. Think plump potato latkes, but made with tomatoes instead of potatoes and flavoured with fresh mint. Mmmmmmm. I found a recipe and have made them at home, but I'd love to find a local restaurant that knows how to make them like in the "old country."

Has anyone had these in TO?

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  1. Haven't found them in TO- BUT close by in Dundas/Hamilton you'll find "The Greek Goddess" herself- Margarita who whips up awesome Keftedes at "IT's ALL GREEK TO ME" and at "BARANGA's ON THE BEACH." Check it out for yourself- her food is really yummy!

    1. Ahhh, I smell a foodie roadtrip sometime in my future. Do you have an address ore website for these restaurants?

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        It's All Greek To Me
        1811 Main St. West, Hamilton

        Baranga's on the Beach
        380 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton

      2. Just wanted to mention, if you order regular keftedes in a Greek restaurant(as opposed to tomato keftedes), you're going to be served Greek meatballs. But it looks like It's All Greek to Me actually has tomato keftedes on their menu....
        In TO,I have seen tyrokeftedes (cheese fritters) on the menu at Messini on the Danforth, and have ordered the kolokithokeftedes (zucchini pancakes) at Kokkino on the Danforth.....

        1. I've eaten the tomato keftedes at It's All Greek to Me and Margarita makes a yummy version. She's the owner/proprietor of the two restos and she travels to Greece (where she's from) every year to see what's happening in the cooking world there. Some lucky folks are going with her this year to island hop and taste their way through the regions. Sigh- I wish! Let me know what you think- happy chowing!