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Aug 20, 2006 09:52 PM

Best Pizza in Chicago?

A group of us are meeting in Chicago in two weeks and want the best restaurant for pizza. Please advice. Is Lou Malnatis good?

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  1. A simple search will turn up a plethora of posts on this very topic. All depends on wha kind of pizza you are looking for (thin, deep dish, etc), where you are in Chicago and what kind of transportation you have. Suffice it to say that Lou M's is one of the better places around, along with Uno, Due, Gino's East, Bacino's, Giordano's and Home Run Inn, Aurelio's, Vito & Nick's, Father & Son, Candlelite, Barnaby's, and countless others (first group primarily for deep dish/stuffed, second group for thin).

    1. Lou Malnati's deluxe with sausage, mushroom, onions and green peppers. Deep dish of course and be prepared to wait for 30-40 minutes so worth it. Get some minestrone to ward off your's on the salty side but still very good IMHO.(Note: Minestrone Soup there has some kind of pork or ham in it)

      1. IMHO, Lou M's is just OK as far as Chicago pizza's go, in fact I think it's quite overrated, and I've always disliked the texture of the crust and the very, very mild flavored sausage patty that they do.

        I think you'd be better off with the other suggestions on RSMBob's list, especially Bacinos, Due or Gino's East (I can vouch for the Downtown or Rosemont locations, but STAY away from the Libertyville location! It may say Gino's East but it ain't).

        Frankly, the "Best" pizza question might be better answered if you told us where you'll be staying during your visit and how far (time-wise) your willing to travel to get there, you could end up driving hours (each way) depending on where you'll be staying to some of the places we might toss out.

        1. We will be at Hotel 71

          #71 E. Wacker Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60601
          So recommend away..please..we are a group ...

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            Right next door at Bella Cacino's. Awesome! I used to live nearby and took all of my out-of-towner friends and they all absolutely loved it. My personal favorite is a thin & crispy pizza on the NAPOLETANA PIZZA menu. The stuffed is great too. But if you like thin, get the Napolentana pizza from the main menu instead of the "Thin" pizza from the pizza menu. They are way different. The one that I'm in love with has the charred, dusty crust with the natural bubbles on the edges - like it should! Plus, it's light so you can split one and then still have room to try another pizza at another joint. Instead of bar-hopping, go pizza-hopping!!

          2. Since we're known for deep dish, try Lou Malnati's, Uno & Due (means one and two in Italian...don't try the suburban satellite locations/they're terrible) for the very best deep dish in Chicago. Uno and Due can be packed like sardines and have an occasional off night...been around since the thirties.
            Also try Spacca Napoli at Sunnyside and Ravenswood Avenue on the Northside for excellent tradition Italian thin. There's an el stop and the metra within walking distance.