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Aug 20, 2006 09:27 PM

2nd Trip to Boston - need help for dinner tonight in Commonwealth/Mass Ave area

Hi! Torontonian here looking for a few recomendations for a couple of great dinner spots while in Boston on business. Last time we had a fanastic meal at Clio's and then thoroughly enjoyed Eastern Standard. I'm looking for something that is not Clio pricey, more like ES, and within walking distance from Commonwealth/Mass Ave. Suggestions for great food would be most appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. For some good Thai, try Bangkok City on Mass. Ave (just a few blocks up from where you are). Be sure to ask for the Thai Menu though.

    Sonsie on Newbury St., a couple blocks off Mass. Ave., has pretty good food, although it's better known for its "scene." Still, I think the food there is underrated.

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    1. No problem. Hope you have a great meal. Let us know where you went and what you thought of the food.

      1. Went to Sonsie.. was packed and an hour for a table... too bad. Instead, hit a place a bit further down (or up?) Newbury called Stephanie's. Waiter was very 'theatrical' - not genuine or sincere, but rather very scripted and phony. His name was Jeremy. The steak my friend had was ordered medium, arrived rare right through. They offered to exchange after we complained. Pasta that I had was tasty, but over cooked - disappointing. Salad was fantastic - pear and walnuts - deliciious but huge (typical American portions!!) and a meal in itself. Bread was yummy too - fresh and warm raisin tea biscuits.. very good. Free dessert for my bud with the raw steak - peach cobbler - delicious but said Peach ice cream (was vanilla). First bottle of sparking water was very warm - sent it back and asked for an ice cold one since it was 100 degrees outside and humid as stink. Over all, 6/10 rating. Won't be rushing back.

        1. Too bad Sonsie was packed. Their food is MUCH better than Stephanie's. Well, at least the salad and bread was good. :)

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            Will try Sonsie's tomororw night. Last time I was here Bob we ate at the most fantastic Italian rest on Newbury.. same side as Sonsie's, had two levels as I recall (ie a step up area inside) the food was exceptional.. do you happen to know the name?

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              When were you here last? Davio's used to be on Newbury Street, but it moved to larger quarters in '03, I think. Also, Chiao Bella has two levels, but it's on the other side of Newbury. Davio's is the better of the two anyway. It's still pretty close, on Arlington. Here's their website:


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                If not the old Davio's, it could be Croma which took their place. Altho I don't know if Croma would get raves as being exceptional.

          2. it's too bad that new restaurant down the street "bouchee" isn't open up yet. from the looks of it should be soon.