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Aug 20, 2006 09:04 PM


I'd been begging my husband to go to 26 Beach for such a long time (I love burgers, stuffed french toast, and good chocolage cake and this place is known for all three). So, finally my husband had a free Sunday morning, but had to be at work by 2. Anyway, we got to the restaurant with last minute reservations. We noticed that without reservations the wait was about 45 minutes because we came right at the Sunday brunch noon rush. There was a mix-up with our reservations and we were told we would have to wait 15-20 minutes. Any other day it would have been fine but since my husband had a business meeting at 2 we really couldn't wait much longer. The host/manager (Francis?) felt bad about the snafu with our reservation, apologized (very important as some managers don't even do this), and he really worked hard to get us seated in 5 minutes. Our server was great as well and host/manager gave us a free dessert and a discount on our next visit.

The food - the burger was great, I loved the brioche bread and french fries. And I had the Polar Bear - a very decadent stuffed french toast topped with ice cream! - that was delicious too. We got their chocolate cake and bread pudding to go to eat after my stomach digests the burger and french toast.

The decor was really cute, my husband loved the laid-back vibe and service. I really appreciate a restaurant that has good food WITH great service. If the service is not there, I'd rather go someplace else or just get the food to go. Anyway, I just wanted to give 26 Beach a good review for great food AND service to boot!

26 Beach
3100 Washington Blvd. (just went of Lincoln) Venice

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  1. for my daughter's bat mitzvah, i got about a dozen orders of a a few of their salads and used them as the mainstay of a light buffet dinner at my home.
    the generous portions of the salads meant that they easily served many more people than one would have expected.

    i was really pleased. it ended up being much more economical than hiring a regular caterer, the food was really good and there were some good choices for the vegetarian guests.

      1. re: Wes

        i don't know what YMMV means.

        1. re: westsidegal

          "Your Mileage May Vary."

          The service was so bad the first, and last, time i went that I will never return. Mid afternoon and only one other table with customers

          Neither the waitress nor the manager would write down my order and both got it completely wrong. They both had such an attitude that I simply left.

          I will forgive a minor blip and even more so with a new place still on training paper.

          This was way beyond that.

          A lot of hounds like it though.

          YMMV :)

      2. It is a bit precious with pillowed bench seating -- prices are into the teens even for burgers.

        1. My favorite restaurant. The portions are big, so we usally order a couple of salads and a pizza and eat family style. The service is always warm and friendly, and I am addicted to the mints by the door!!

          1. My parents live in the area and I get dragged there a lot.

            Salads and Burgers are worthwhile, but everything else is ordinary. I think many people like it because the portions are large and they think it's a good value. The service is very friendly but overall I think it's very average.