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Richmond - major find - The "hot churro" guy

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The little cart with an umbrella sporting colors like a bright sarape had a line snaking around the corner.

Churros are made to order and some patience is required, but it is worth it.

They looked just like this. I've never seen the long coils before:

The churros are long coils of fried dough that are removed from the hot oil to a large pizza pan, chopped up into pieces, dipped in cinnamon sugar and placed first in one white bag which quickly turns translucent with the fat and then into a second bag so it can be carried off. A bag is $5.

This is a lot of churro as the coil fills a large pizza pan.

These are everything that is good about churros, crispy outside, light inside as the cart says ... rico churros.

It is a two man operation with one guy manning the bucket of batter and the second removing and serving the churros.

I've never seen this guy before, but then again, I've never been on MacDonald at this time of day. He was there between 12:30 and 1 (at least) on Sunday, around the time of the noon Spanish mass at St Cornelius located on MacDonald & Broadway, near McDonald's restaurant.

Can't say how these taste cold as I sent a happy Roberto out the door with the bag so I wouldn't scarf the rest down. I'm thinking that further research is called for next week to see if he's still there and to save a piece for later snacking.

I was actually checking out a lead about a good tamale guy that is across the street from the church on Sunday. Didn't see the tamale guy this week though.

I added quotes to the title. He was a nice enough looking guy, but it was the churros that were hot. Also, the churro maker looked something like this


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  1. Wow - great news for y'all in the East Bay - I wonder if this might be the guy who was on Middlefield Rd. in Redwood City for a short run a couple of years ago.

    One day he was there, the next he was gone... I felt that it had to be the dreaded San Mateo County Health Dept regs that got him - the same ones that got the Oxacan food stall at the College of San Mateo's Farmers Market and the outdoor Pollo Asado vendors also on Middlefield Rd.

    1. I saw churros like that being made at a night market in Mexico. I didn't end up buying one, so I didn't realize you would get such a large portion. Hopefully the vendor will be permitted to stick around for a while.