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Aug 20, 2006 08:06 PM

King Palace Review-short

Went to King Palace on Sherbourne last night, it was recommended to me by Fwagra on this board.

Excellent food at very reasonable prices. They have a huge selection of dishes that are available as combos with rice & salad, or certain ones come with 2 rotis & salad, as well as a pop. The salad has a spicy raita-like dressing on the side that is very tasty. They also have many unusual items like lamb shanks and kidneys, goat tripe. Now that's hardcore eatin'.

I had the chili chicken combo and my wife had the kingfish one. We ordered 2 rotis on the side. Total bill with donation to tip jar was only $20 for this massive meal.

The chili chicken was spicy as promised and my wife's kingfish was moist and meaty. The rotis, which are baked fresh in the tandoor, were hot & delicious.

I should point out that the food is served from a cold table and then microwaved for you. The only negative thing about this is that it doesn't really work well on the kingfish, so heads up on that.

Otherwise, the entire meal was without fault. I definitely see myself getting a lot of takeout and then warming it up at home.

By the way, it has to be pure genius to put a Pakistani restaurant adjacent to a busy gas station, where many cabbies congregate.

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    1. re: Googs

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      Another poster advises that rather than opt for the predetermined combos (which include a somewhat perfunctory salad), just point to whatever appeals to you and they will pile it in a container.

      I note this establishment's, shall I say, spotty DineSafe record. Disappointing. I'll still go there; the food's too delish. Hey, if you study the records, they're improving! But, seriously, they really should work on that. Many diners will be rightfully turned off an otherwise great place.