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Aug 20, 2006 07:26 PM

Malaysian-Singaporean-Indonesian Restaurant List

I just received an emailed list of SF Bay Area Malaysian-Singaporean-Indonesian restaurants that I thought might be helpful to the Chowhound community.

I don't know how accurate it is, so if any of you have comments or changes you'd like to suggest, please post them and I'll forward them to the originator of the list.

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  1. I recently visited Mango Bay for lunch. The restaurant itself was decorated nicely - good for a business meeting, which is how I ended up there.

    I tried the Nasi Lemak, which was served in a deconstructed way, with fresh, flavorful ingredients. My dining companion ordered the Curry Laksa, which smelled wonderful. I talked him into letting me try some, and found the broth well-seasoned -- spicy without overpowering the seafood, though there was a fair amount of oil on top. It seemed most of the people seated around me had ordered soups of one kind or another. All in all, not bad, but not very authentic either.

    It's great to see a compiled list of places (thanks RWCFoodie) -- I look forward to reading posts form the community and finding a standout place for this cuisine.

    1. Thanks for sharing the list. Also, Red Kwali in Newark (Malaysian). We thought that the food had potential (I recall the mee goreng and roti canai being decent), the decor was clean and contemporary, but the service was rude and surly - surprising for a small family operation.

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      1. re: Maple

        Maple, was your visit to Red Kwali recent? We had a gathering there when they first opened and it was wonderful but recently I heard that they had gone downhill... Too bad.

        1. re: RWCFoodie

          We went maybe six months to a year ago. I am usually not one to complain about the service since I love Asian food above all else, but I was rather shocked that our server (one of the co-owners I think) did not crack a smile for the whole night and treated us like nuisance.
          I am on an eternal quest for good nasi goreng - the really smoky kind you get in Malaysia - any suggestions?

      2. Erin, thanks for your post on Mango Bay! I have'nt been out in Redwood Shores in ages and didn't know about this place. Is it in the shopping center with Nob Hill? Do you know what it replaced?

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        1. re: RWCFoodie

          I'm not Erin, but I've been to Mango Bay for dinner half a dozen times. It's in the strip mall where Amici's is, just past Pacific Athletic Club. Mango Bay is right next to Tokyo Star, which has the same owners, and replaced their former diner-type place. I've always enjoyed it, but have no idea how authentic it is.

        2. For the Indonesian, I know for a fact it is not complete by a long shot. For example, it missed some that I can think of right away. These are well known to many Indonesians. But I do give credit that they were able to spot Bay Leaf in San Jose. I heard it is very good and can be a good candidate for a large chowdown ! If anyone willing to organize a chowdown, I can co-host and help out with the menu selections.


          There is probably a few more that I missed.

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          1. re: Han

            Han - is this the "hound" formerly known as Han Lukitoh? Thanks for the input. I'll have to think about a chow thing at Bay Leaf...

            1. re: Han

              Ditto on Indonesia Restaurant.

            2. Yes, it's me. The one who organized your very 1st chowdown at Fu Lam Moon several yrs ago.

              If you can organize a chowdown at Bay Leaf, I can assist in the menu selections. It must be a Friday night after 7 pm or maybe a Sat night. I'm quite busy these days.

              I have a feeling it's gonna be a good chowdown based on the inputs I got.

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              1. re: Han

                I remember that first Chowhound dinner at Fu Lam Moon in Milpitas very well! A couple of friends thought I'd lost my mind traipsing off to who knows where to eat dinner with complete strangers - I'm sure glad that I didn't listen to them! I will email you re Bay Leaf... and thanks!