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Aug 20, 2006 06:58 PM

Nigella Feasts coming to Food Network in Oct.

Ok, for all of you who love (to hate) the FN, I just saw a very brief commercial/teaser indicating that Nigella will be coming to the network in October. The show will be called Nigella Feasts and will be based on her book of the same name. I'm not a huge Nigella fan, but I'll check it out for sure...

A little more info about the show:

A funny blog from a Food TV addict that I found through googling:

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  1. I've seen this woman's cook books in the big chain book stores but I've never seen here on TV. Does she specialize in any specific cuisine?

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      She used to do a show called Nigella Bites that aired abroad and I think in the US on the Style Network. She is English and lives in England w/ her family. Some of her food is obviously of English-origin, but I see her being more of a generalist (like Mark Bittman) who likes to make all kinds of food accessible. Like Bittman, she has written for the NY Times. I've seen recipes for Indian and Thai-inspired dishes, for instance. She also happens to be very attractive and voluptuous and is known for her sensual interplay w/ food. Men who could care less about cooking (like my BIL) enjoy watching her...

      The two major recipes by her that have been extensively discussed on Home Cooking are her clementine cake and watermelon, feta, and olive salad. Stay tuned for her show to find out more...

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        She's got great tv appeal I think. My husband also has a huge tv crush on her. She has two kids, lost her husband to cancer shortly after the taping of her first tv series. She has a very "real woman" appeal and seems to focus on easy to make, simple but delicious food. I've had sucess with her recipes, but, to be honest it's more inspiration than anything. A lot of her food is more of an idea for a dish than a recipe. Which is ok too. I like that she assumes people can make decisions on how much chile pepper or veggies they want.

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          My husband and I have a huge crush on her (LOL). No really...he loved her show. He'll be so happy to hear this.

        2. Nigella is actually a very good food writer and her books are excellant. I especially love her recipe for cupcakes.

          She has been on the Canadian Food Network for years with at least two different series.

          She is very sexy and womanly and sensual, with a great love for food which she describes vividly.

          Don't know a man that would not want her to cook for him. She was left a very young widow with two young children, but has since remarried to one of the wealthiest men in England.

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            Yeah, she's the daughter of former Chancellor (under Margaret Thatcher) Nigel Lawson and is currently married to Charles Saatchi of the famous advertising group.


          2. I believe she will be on FN here in Sept. and Canada in October.

            1. I say bring back/re-run The Two Fat Ladies!

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              1. re: Withnail42

                Not much chance the Food Network can bring back the Two Fat Ladies unless they can raise the dead. Jennifer Paterson has passed away.

                1. re: KTinNYC

                  Hence the use of the term 're-run'.

                  1. re: Withnail42

                    Yeah, I saw that, Withnail42.

                    TT (observant).

              2. I'm with Withnail42. FN not the same since the 2 Fat Ladies went off the air. I would watch their reruns for years, if I could.