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Aug 20, 2006 06:55 PM

Tell me about Malden Salt

I've been reading about Malden Salt and have developed yet another food obsession. Before I order a lifetime supply ,I want to hear what folks who have used it think of it and is there anywhere to order it cheaply? Thanks.

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  1. It's from England. It is very nice and it is very thin flakes as big as a child's little fingernail. It's crunchy and the angles nick your tongue and that makes it sort of sparkley like a salt pop rock on your tongue. Wonderful in the last moment on salads and tomatoes. It comes in regular and organic. Look in a local gourmet store.

    1. If you want to Google more suppliers, try it under Maldon rather than Malden.

      I do find the idea of salt being termed organic rather funny, because it's by definition not organic: it's a mineral (rock), not the product of a living thing.

      1. it's also good on avocado, watermelon and cantaloupe slices. salt "pop rock" is an apt description! love the brightness on the tongue — it certainly does "sparkle".

        1. I used to snicker at the different kinds of salt....thought it was just another hype.

          Then I heard Nigella say that she always uses Maldon salt. Since I am a slave to Nigella, I went and got some of this pricy stuff. Well, she's right! I love the way it comes in flakes and granules. You can either sprinkle it over whatever you're making or rub it between your fingers to break it up. I am probably just halucinating due to Nigella-mania, but I really do think it tastes better.

          1. I use Maldon and I like it. I'm not a big salt connoisseur. I used to use kosher salt in the US, but in England I haven't found any, so the Malden works for me. But I don't use it for things like salting the pasta water. That seems like a waste, so I use the regular table salt.