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Aug 20, 2006 06:47 PM

Danube, is there hope?

After a seriously terrible week, I decided to join a dining group for dinner at Danube, a Bulgarian Restaurant in Westwood. If only I had known they have no liquor license. A glass of wine might have helped over that looong wait for service. The staff at Danube, was not unfriendly. Our waitress was just a little...distant. As in...gone away... unable to locate...disappeared. It was almost laughable when someone in our party went back to find her after 30 minutes to tell her that several of us remained unserved. The sweet, but CLUELESS little waitress thought the table was only missing ONE entree, not FOUR! So it was OK to have only ONE customer out of a party of 12 sit and wait for 30 minutes while everyone else around them had already finished eating, but FOUR is a bad thing?

The meal: although it took a long time for appetizers to come around, they were good and tasty. I loved the cheese pastry in filo and the eggplant rolls. It was a promise of good things to come. But I was wrong. When it arrived at last, my entrée, Moussaka, was over baked. The béchamel sauce, barely recognizable, was like parchment. (hint: you know you’re in trouble when you need a knife to cut through the sauce.) It was accompanied by an oily little chopped iceberg salad.
So, Danube, you disappointed me, but what do I know. Just maybe.. this place is REALLY authentic - just as bad as you’ll find in Bulgaria.

“life is a banquet and some poor fools are starving to death”
Auntie Mame

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  1. I was at the same dinner mentioned by "sassille" and was just as disappointed. Of all the dishes I had, the eggplant appetizer was my absolute favorite!

    Anyway, if you'd like to see pictures of the outing, please go to:


    1. I went several months ago and got there just as they were closing. The owner was really nice and decided to serve us. Everything we had was great and I had no complaints about the service - though obviously we were the only ones in the place.

      1. Well maybe the management/owners read the postings here because as I was walking past Danube last Friday they had a Help Wanted sign in the window. Maybe they've decided to seek professional waitpersons instead of just nice people?

        1. There is the possibility that someone quit on them at the last minute and an inexperienced family member or friend helped out on short notice when you had your bad experience.