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annual soujourn down I95 to sc, bbq suggestions?

We're aiming for sweatman's in holly hill. Have been to parker's (good fried chicken, overrated pulled pork imho) and wilbur's (wonderful). Thinking about Moore's, D&H and Bill's. I think Mitchell's is probably still closed?

Any other suggestions? I have searched the forum and these are the names that come up over and over again.

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  1. McCabe's Barbecue in Manning, SC.

    1. Yes, without a doubt, McCabe's in Manning. Very close to I-95. He uses a vinegar and red pepper sauce. Cooks whole hogs over wood.

      McCabe's BBQ
      480 N.Brooks St.

      Now if you can go a little further off I-95 you can get the best Q I've ever eaten from an establishment at Scott's Variety in Hemingway, SC. It's on SC 261 which can be picked up in Manning.

      Scott's Variety
      Highway SC261
      Just west of Hemingway

      1. On the Sweatman's I am not sure what you tine schedule is but I know that Sweatman's closes for vacation for about 3 to 4 weeks in August. I would go to search feature on CH and put in Sweatmans because posters have put the dates on the board in the past.

        1. I've only been to Moore's once, but other than having cheap sandwiches on Tues and Wed and being right off I-95, I think it is forgettable in order to concentrate on a better place. What they called "Brunswick stew" tasted just like Campbell's vegetable soup out of a can. Wilbur's and Sweatman's are top-notch places that do things right and are worth the drive, and maybe some others, too.

          1. I meant to add--the Jim Earley book of NC barbeque places might have some suggestions--you might even consider your once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Skylight Inn in Ayden and to B's in Greenville a few miles away. That's about the best one-two punch you could have in a couple hours and a few miles

            1. As much as I'd love to get to the skylight or over to lexington, I'm afraid I'll have three young children, a dog and my wife to convince. Last year's detour to wilbur's was a major coup. Sweatman's is basically on the way to kiawah. We'll hit bessingers once while we're there and we need a bbq spot for the ride home.

              Truth be told, the resort itself has a nice whole hog bbq and oyster roast. Unfortunately the price has gotten a little out of hand...something like $30/head...it is ayce and they do have a live band and a little dance floor.

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                Not to beat a dead horse but you can get four pounds of the best Q in SC and a loaf of white bread for $30 at Scott's.

                  1. re: quartney

                    Still a bargain three years later.

              2. Moore's should be on your list. With all due respect to the poster commenting about their Brunswick stew, I go to Moore's simply for the bbq and fried chicken. Their coleslaw and hushpuppies, both good, will round out any meal there quite nicely.

                Don't waste your time with Bill's. Since hurricane Floyd, they've gone to buffet and it's not very good...

                If you want to veer slightly off track, take 264 East in Wilson, and head to B's in Greenville. That's a side trip you really won't forget; perhaps some of the best Eastern NC bbq ever.
                Arrive early - they close each day when the bbq runs out; and IIRC, they may be closed on Monday.

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                  B's is closed Sunday and Monday, but is worth the side trip. You can eat and order outside, so you could make the argument that the kids and dog need to run around a little bit. Get there before 12. Skylight is closed on Sunday and does not have the outdoor option, but is superb. A new addition to the conversation is Blackbeards in Conetoe. 64 east to 64 alt east would take you about 23 minutes. They are open Sundays as well, which is rare. Wood cooked pig heaven, but also a pretty full menu in addition.

                  Realize you will be buzzing right by barbecue mecca, 15-20 minutes further away than Moore's, to eat average barbecue. Kind of like driving by Augusta to play a municipal golf course. All three barbecue joints I mentioned are preferred to Wilbur's, and certainly to Moore's.

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                    Moore's is indeed average...and that's being generous.

                    B's and the Skylight are worth any trip.

                    To the poster who said Parker's (Wilson, NC) serves "pulled" pork...be aware that you'll not find "pulled" pork anywhere in Eastern North Carolina unless it's a non-traditional place. "Pulled" and "Pork" do not belong in the same sentence when discussing Eastern NC bbq. Instead, just refer to it as "barbecue"...and it's chopped, not pulled.

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                      Re: "pulled" pork

                      Spot on. That's a very common misconception, but I don't have the energy to try and correct everyone. Where that got started, I'll never know.

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                      is blackbeards really 15-20 mins from moores? looks more like 30-35...

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                        15-20 minutes more of a detour from 95, although much farther from Moore's.

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                      i liked moore's too but i admit i am not a bbq expert. but i thought the bbq and the fried chicken were lovely. and frankly since i'm traveling with kids it's proximity to the 95 was a lovely draw as well.

                    4. stopped at wilber's yesterday. hush puppies, pork plate, sweet tea, all great. It hard for me to understand why this place doesn't get more love here.

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                        I think inconsistency. I've eaten there half a dozen times with the barbecue ranging from excellent to dry and overcooked. I suppose what time you catch them will determine what kind of barbecue you get. When you catch them right, it's a top tier place.

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                          interesting, my wife thought the bbq was a little dry, I thought it was just about perfect. We also tried the fried chicken livers...wow! I also think they have the best hush puppies of any place I've been.

                          I won't be able to get my family back to sweatman's this year, so I'm thinking blackbeards might be the way to go on the way home. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it will be hard to pass up the summerton diner. Last time we were through, it was great.