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Aug 20, 2006 06:30 PM

Fresh Buratta

We just finished-off a container of Buratta that we just purchased at Murray's Cheese in the Grand Central Market. According to the store staff, the cheese were just flown in yesterday (Saturday), together with some buffala mozzarella that were already sold out. The buratta was fresh, with that soft inner gooey, curdy paste consistency and it was very good with some caprese and semolina bread that we also purchased in the bread shop in the market. At $7.99 for about the size of young child's fist, it's quite pricey, but worth it.

A couple of questions:

First, we've had this before but are still curious as to what those palm-like leaf that they come wrapped in?
Second, where else can we get these (imported fresh)?


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  1. They have them at DiPalo's on Grand. I'm not sure if they're made here or imported. Corona Heights Pork Store used to make them fresh, but I don't know what the status of that place is.

    1. DiPalo's may have a domestic version, but they also get imports once or twice a week. I see it occasionally at Zabar's, but I don't know how often they get it in. It's always expensive, though you may find it for a dollar or maybe two.

      Per Google results, the leaves are from a type of lily: www.leitesculinaria.com/food_history/...

      1. Make that "a dollar or two LESS." :)

        1. I believe Citarella also carries burrata.

          1. About the leaves- sometimes they are leek leaves. In any case, the leaves are used as an indicator of the freshness of the cheese. If the leaves are brown, yellow, or looking limp and too wet, don't buy the burrata (or burratina, its smaller version, which it sounds like you bought). That's a sign the cheese has lost its freshness.