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Full Engish breakfast in Toronto?

Out-of-towners have asked me about finding a full English-style breakfast in Toronto. I've done a quick online search and found nothing that isn't attached to a bed & breakfast, now that Pimblett's has gone out of business. Anyone have any suggestions?

Barb C

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  1. I seem to recall Brick Street Bakery in The Distillery District advertising full English Breakfast on their sandwich board sign, I think that they only do it on weekends. It is a very casual place, though, with little seating.

    Give them a call.

    1. I think that the Brick Street bakery's 'english breakfast' is in the form of a sandwich, but I could be mistaken.

      PJ O'Briens does a full breakfast, just off of Wellington by the Berzy Park. Irish Embassy does one too, but by the name, it's more Irish than English.

      1. What about the Kind Edward Hotel??

        I know they do a high tea so maybe a full English brekkie as well.

        I miss the full English from my days in London!


        1. Can someone tell me what parts constitute a full English breakfast?

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            A full English breakfast--which we Brits typically call a "Fry-up" consists of all or parts of the following: Bacon, Sausages, fried bread or toast, black pudding(optional), grilled tomatoes, baked beans, fried mushrooms(optional), Eggs--usually fried, and a hot cuppa tea to wash all the grease down.

          2. I believe you can get the full english breakfast at the Duke of gloucester pub on Yonge Street around Wellesley. I can't vouch for quality, but it is where the ex-pats hang out to watch their footy.


            1. The Rebel House in Rosedale does an excellent English style breakfast. I would recommend getting there early, they fill up quickly.

              1. I checked out the Duke of Gloucester website and I saw they have advertised a British breakfast and pint special on for $9.25 every weekend.

                I have never been here nor have I had the breakfast but it sounds like a good deal.


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                  I have been here many a time...it is not much to look at...just like a proper local should be. It is probably the most British of pubs in TO because it is not at all pretentious but rather very very well worn.

                  It has a good juke box.

                  The food is exactly what you would expect of a pub...greasy enough to cure the hangover from the night before.


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                    The breakfast is very good at the Duke of Gloucester, just the perfect amount of grease to go with your football match on the telly...

                    I recommend their club sandwich too, yum!

                  2. The Artful Dodger on Isabella must also have one

                    1. I have to say, there are so many weekend brunch places in Toronto that do much better things than a traditional English breakfast. Your guests would be missing out if they insist on what they already know.

                      Lots of places have delicious brunch options consisting of:
                      - Eggs Benedict (and variations)
                      - Omelets
                      - Pancakes and maple syrup - a must-try for any tourist visiting Canada
                      - French toast, filled or otherwise
                      - Waffles and crepes

                      With the above, you can usually get side orders of bacon, ham, sausages, back bacon, steak, and so on. As well as tasty homefries, onion rings, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, green salad ...

                      The possibilities are endless.

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                        This is true. If these guests can manage it, go out for their taste of home but also take them to a local breakfast place for comparison.

                        Sometimes, a taste of home is very comforting and gives you the needed boost to continue seeing the local sights.

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                          I have to agree with the maply syrup suggestion! It is so expensive in England.

                          Nothing beats a side of bacon swimming in the maple syrup run off from cinammon spiced eggy french toast!


                        2. Try the Artful Dodger, 10 Isabella, 416-964-9511. I don't remember black pudding, but they used to have a breakfast/brunch with beer on weekends when I lived in the neighbourhood.

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                            I've had brunch here recently while visiting my aunt, and it was pretty much exactly what I expected. Not outstanding, but definitely good!

                          2. I miss Pimblett's too. I've not found anything remotely like an English breakfast downtown. Mind you, I haven't tried the Brick Street Bakery yet.

                            Duke of Gloucester 'British' breakfast is just your regular bacon & eggs. Ditto for Rebel House. The Irish Embassy is so bad I thought they must have been joking when they put Irish in the title. Without a doubt one of the worst breakfasts I have ever had. They did manage to include tasteless black pudding & dry soda bread though just for 'authenticity'.

                            Nope, I'm afraid if you want the real deal you'll have to travel to Scarborough (yes, Scarborough) to the Tara Inn, 2609 Eglinton Ave E between Midland Ave & Brimley Rd in a dingey strip mall. There you will find a true Irish breakfast served by a nice Irish lady that will make sure you finish your meal. Served all day to boot. With a nice selection on tap sure to make your friends feel at home. They serve steak & kidney pie too, not the steak & mushroom pie served by those afraid to be too British.

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                              Does Tara Inn do 'fried bread'? Or would that be an english item?

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                                The Tara Inn breakfast consists of eggs, sausage, rashers, black pudding, white pudding, homemade baked beans, fried tomato, fried soda bread, and scone. You really don't miss the home fries at this size, but they're good there.

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                                  Didn't they do a restaurant makeover episode on Tara Inn?

                            2. Wow, thanks so much for all of the helpful info, I'm grateful!

                              BTW, these are not actually my personal guests, and they're not from England. These are self-professed "Anglophiles" from the States who loved their breakfast experience when last in the UK. I guess they figure Canada must be the next best thing. *grin* They're going to be in Toronto for a couple of days and asked my advice on the Roadside Yahoo list (kind of a cool list, btw, if anyone's interested in the waning diner/Mom & Pop tradition in North America).

                              While we're at it, anyone know of any good Mom & Pop restaurants on the 401 between the Michigan border and Toronto?

                              Thanks again, this is was my first posted question, and you're all amazing!


                              1. Try the Senator on Victoria for good Bangers and Mash