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Aug 20, 2006 05:58 PM

Full Engish breakfast in Toronto?

Out-of-towners have asked me about finding a full English-style breakfast in Toronto. I've done a quick online search and found nothing that isn't attached to a bed & breakfast, now that Pimblett's has gone out of business. Anyone have any suggestions?

Barb C

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  1. I seem to recall Brick Street Bakery in The Distillery District advertising full English Breakfast on their sandwich board sign, I think that they only do it on weekends. It is a very casual place, though, with little seating.

    Give them a call.

    1. I think that the Brick Street bakery's 'english breakfast' is in the form of a sandwich, but I could be mistaken.

      PJ O'Briens does a full breakfast, just off of Wellington by the Berzy Park. Irish Embassy does one too, but by the name, it's more Irish than English.

      1. What about the Kind Edward Hotel??

        I know they do a high tea so maybe a full English brekkie as well.

        I miss the full English from my days in London!


        1. Can someone tell me what parts constitute a full English breakfast?

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            A full English breakfast--which we Brits typically call a "Fry-up" consists of all or parts of the following: Bacon, Sausages, fried bread or toast, black pudding(optional), grilled tomatoes, baked beans, fried mushrooms(optional), Eggs--usually fried, and a hot cuppa tea to wash all the grease down.

          2. I believe you can get the full english breakfast at the Duke of gloucester pub on Yonge Street around Wellesley. I can't vouch for quality, but it is where the ex-pats hang out to watch their footy.