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Aug 20, 2006 05:13 PM

3 nights in Montreal

Spending 3 nights with my girlfriend and am looking for more tips. Definatley looking for local/French cuisine. For 1 night looking for best meal- I'm not too worried about price; for the other 2- something good, cool atmosphere, but more affordable. Any tips that are also BYOW are appreciated. I'd prefer the old world Euro feel, but not a hangup.

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  1. If you want good french BYOW, you have to go for Yoyo which is the best. I am going there friday for my dad's birthday and I can't wait! There's Le Pégase near by which always gets good reviews also. The one which gets good press lately and is the flavor of the month is Le Bleu raisin. Everyone says it is great. A new one opened on Masson street, Zeste de folie, the food is incredible but they ask 5$ for corkage fee which is unusual in Mtl lately for BYOW. No one does it anymore.

    Not BYOW for french bistro, you would have Le Continental. The food is great, not too expensive, but the service leaves to be desired. They have the same waiters since a couple of years and they should get rid of them. You go for the food and the ambiance, not the service! Another one is Le Grain de sel...Le petit extra...

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      I think Le Bleu Raisin deserves all the praise it has been getting. Excellent creativity, execution and presentation, and everyone is very friendly and efficient. The short review by Brooklyn Mel in the thread linked below is consistent with my experience:

      My two meals there in recent months were, all things considered, more enjoyable than meals I had within the last year at À l'Os, Christophe, Le P'tit Plateau and La Prunelle. À l'Os and Le P'tit Plateau (and to an extent Christophe) served food of comparable quality, but Bleu Raisin provided superior value and a more pleasant and relaxed setting.

      Although the menu changes daily, my understanding is that the main courses usually include two red meat options (have seen elk, venison, lamb...), one fish and two fowl (on both visits, one was a magret dish -- a very different dish each time).

      If you're into wine, it's well worth bringing some decent bottles. I found they were quite happy to make recommendations over the phone, and not necessarily expensive recs either.

    2. BYOW?

      Restaurant Christophe
      1187 avenue Van Horne
      Phone 514.270.0850
      Fax: 514.270.7605

      Also, I second the recommedation of Au Petit Extra as an affordable French bistro.

      But really, your question has been answered so many times on this board, you should use the search function. Believe me, you'll find plenty of suggestions.