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Aug 20, 2006 05:13 PM

Has anyone tried the new Tasting Room on Elizabeth Street? Or new Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar?

I've been to the previous incarnation of TR on 1st St, was wondering if it's as good as before
And how is Jack's new place?

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  1. Been to the new Tasting Room on Elizabeth. Twice actually; once for drinks, once for a multi-course dinner. My girlfriend and I ordered three appetizers and two entrées, and were thrilled with almost everything. The service there is really stellar, and the back room is fun. My only complait is that it appears the bartender was recently moved up to become Host, and the drink list, which he designed, is now not executed quite as well. That being said, it's a quibbling point about what is so far one of my neighborhood, if not city-wide favorites. Go there.

    1. Tasting Room has been my favorite restaurant in the city, and the move hasn't changed my perspective. I've only eaten in the new place once, but the food was just as good as on 1st St. The room isn't quite as intimate as the old place but the food was excellent and the service as attentive as ever. I haven't been to jacks, raw shellfish sn't my thing.

      1. Still teeny-tiny, and definitely a bit more casual. We sat at the bar, and treated ourselves to the tasting menu which is surprisingly affordable...think it was $50 a person. Not sure if my memory is faulty, but I think I remember dropping over $200 at the old location for two people. Anyway, everything was great. Seafood is still impeccably fresh, and they had some fun with the desserts -a s'mores concoction that they somehow assembled MacGyver style with the help of a toaster oven. Grace was manning the restaurant that night looking impeccable, while Jack seemed to be in and out. Definitely go.

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          In my opinion, Grace was partially responsible for the demise of JB Makimono...she's rude and stuffy and off-putting...if she's manning the new oyster bar, i'll be heading to the GCOB...

          1. re: Simon

            I'm surprised and sorry to hear your opinion of Grace, I've never found her to be anything but charming. If you're going to GCOB in search of a more warm and engaging service, good luck!

            1. re: ronzen

              the South Asian dude at the GCOB counter is always friendly and remembers me and my favorite wines and oysters, which is more than i can say for Grace, who usually gives me an icy Miranda-Priestly-style quarter-smile at best...i've prob been to both places (GCOB and JB) about six times in the past year...but i'm happy that you had a better experience, as i love the orginal Jewel Bako (at least i used to until Masato-san left -- i haven't been there since, so i can't crituque his replacement one way or another)