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Aug 20, 2006 04:28 PM

Good Italian Place to load up on Carbs before Marathon?

Hey there,
My sister is running the DC marathon this year and is looking for a good Italian place that can accomodate a group of 12 or so the night before the marathon. Any ideas? We don't know much about the DC food scene so all input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. Although the food is not knock-your-socks-off-fabulous, for a group of that size, and for focusing on the carb-loading aspect, I think that Buca di Beppo right by the Hilton on Connecticut Avenue would suffice.

    Another, perhaps better choice, would be Listrani's on MacArthur Boulevard. Nice neighborhood Italian, with decent variety of pastas -- again without having to get too fancy the night before a race.

    1. Depend on where the marathon is, I guess. Downtown, Ristorante AV off New York Avenue just north of Chinatown can accommodate your group. Nothing fancy, just basic red check tablecoth Italian, homemade sausages, and piles of pasta. And Mario Lanza on the juke. Closed on Sundays, and only going to be around for another year.

      1. If you are willing to spend and want first quality pasta, Ristorante Tosca is a good choice. I'd rec the veal ravioli.

        1. If she really wants to load up on carbs, I'd try Maggiano's Little Italy on Wisconsin Avenue in Friendship Heights. The food is good and plentiful especially if you order family style as they will bring out as many servings of orders as you want. Parking is easy in the building and the Friendship Heights Metro station is right across the street.

          1. I'd give my vote to San Marco on 18th St. Cheap, abundant, great tasing pasta and other good Italian food. When I feel like a heaping bowl of pasta, I generally go there.

            I also like Spezie, but its a lot pricier.