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Aug 20, 2006 04:19 PM

Zengo, Mie N Yu, or other?!?!

My mom and I are looking for a restaurant for a semi-celebratory dinner. What we want is somewhere with a fun atmosphere, good drinks, really good food, and a reasonable price. We want something trendy rather than fancy, preferably in DC, but metro area works too. Both Zengo and Mie N Yu caught my eye...the problem is findy a fun atmospheric place with food that is up to the same standards as the decor...has anyone tried either one of these places or have another suggestion that fits into our list of wants?!

Thanks for the help!

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  1. If I had to pick between the two, it would be Zengo all the way. Everything about Mie N Yu ticks me off, from the exorbitant wine list prices (not one glass of wine under $11- not ONE) to the snooty service, mediocre name it. I've enjoyed everything I've had to eat at Zengo- excellent sushi, wonderful short ribs, cool atmosphere. It's not cheap, but I think you'll get a better value than Mie N Yu.

    1. I would choose Zaytinya over either one. Zengo gets so crazy loud and the food is not that good. Zaytinya gets loud too, but it's bearable, and the food is made for high standards.

      1. Yeah, I would second that recommendation for Zaytinya. The food is better than at either Zengo or Mie N Yu, and the atmosphere is equally celebratory. Plus, if it's nice out, you can eat and drink at the outside patio, which is fun.

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          By the way is this the Lasky who plays G-Dub ultimate? This is Kazan from Truck Stop.