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Aug 20, 2006 04:00 PM

Mulan Wow!

Alright, finally broke down due to numerous posts praising Mulan, and must say the place is excellent:

Hot and sour soup, to notch.

smoked pork with leeks, out of this world to die for chewy smoky pork with excellent veggies.

Also had tofu with dried beans, very nice dish, probably better with a big group as the sweat, crunchy beans are a bit much for two. Still delicious and would order again.

Will definitely be back to Mulan.

Had to admit it, but definitely gives Shangri-La a run for the money.

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  1. Tried this place for lunch. GREAT salty fried chicken -- really perfectly crisp with a faint star anise flavor and crispy basil on top. Dumplings of pork and leek are also good -- I think I prefer them at Wang's, but that could be since it's right down the street. Soft bean curd with mustard greens is bland, as expected but soothing all the same. Slightly bitter greens and edamame tossed with bean curd skin (I was expecting something more like the soft tofu at the korean places for some reason)and a huge portion for like $8.

    Today at about 2, Mulan was half full of groups of diners. Everyone was Asian. I asked the young server who took my order if they are always that busy and she said yes, on weekends. I think a big group meal is in order. I'd love to try a lot more of the food.

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      Hi hounds, sorry to interrupt, but we request that the logistics for group meals be conducted off the boards. If someone is willing to step up to the plate to organize, please post an email so that interested parties can contact you outside this board.