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Aug 20, 2006 03:09 PM

Milan in late September?

Any suggestions for reasonably priced eats in Milan? Are there any local specialties I need to try?

Although I've been to Florence and Rome several times, this will be my first time in Milan. I'll be in the Duomo area most of the time (and understand it's easy to get sucked into touristy restaurants) so any recommendations would be much appreciated!


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  1. Last fall we had a couple of good meals conveniently near the Duomo at Ai Mercanti (Piazza del Mercanti). Nothing to stop the presses but very tasty, with pleasant, competent service. The mixed antipasti, although they looked good, were a bit disappointing but pastas and meats good enough to come back for a second meal. At lunch anyway it was packed with locals, very few tourists.

    1. If you dont mind walking, the Navigli area is bustling in the evening, starting with "happy hours" thru dinner into late night. Somewhat similar to the West Village in Manhattan, but with restaurants dotting the walkway by the water. Not a haven for high price 4star dining, but quite an array of informal to middle range places.