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Aug 20, 2006 01:51 PM

cafe du monde/coffee with chicory

i love cafe du monde because it's cheap and delicious - i know you can often find it in asian groceries but i can't find it in brooklyn. i'd also go for another form of good coffee with chicory that you can buy to make at home.

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  1. this site from the cajun grocer covers all the major brands, i prefer french market myself:

    1. I haven't seen it in Brooklyn either, but Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker just east of 6th Avenue has it (and lots of other great coffees as well). Hope that helps.

      1. I am a native New Orleanian living in New York. If you like the coffee so much, the best thing you can do right now is to order it from a new orleans business so that coffee and chickory keeps flowing! : )

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          thanks, i think you're right on with that now that you say it... i'll definitely keep buying cafe du monde - based in new orleans - tho i have to see if i can find it at porto rico if they already bulk order it up here - or order it myself and pay the shipping. here's to new orleans! :)

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            oh - i forgot to add one more thing on the new orleans tip - the reason why i like coffee with chicory so much is that that is how we drink it in south india also (where my family is from) - and when i first discovered that it was like that in new orleans also i was kinda curious as to what the possible connection could be between the two places - and with a little investigation i found out that it's "poor man's coffee" - chicory makes up the rest of the cup to cut down costs - but it also creates a different texture and flavor which is a beautiful thing in its own right!

          2. hrhclairecm: I completely agree with you and guess I hadn't fully thought out my answer. I've been going down to NO twice a year for many years now and have many friends down there as well. I even have muffulettas shipped up to NYC when I can't get down. Viva New Orleans!

            1. The Hong Kong Supermarket in Sunset Park brooklyn on eight ave always has the Cafe Du Monde coffee. In Manhattan the Dynasty food market on elizabeth st. also always has it on hand.

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                thank you! this is the rec i was looking for - cause the price is right!

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                  ps - do you know if coffee is made with chicory anywhere in east or southeast asia as well?