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Aug 20, 2006 11:49 AM

Kingston - lunch and maybe dinner

I'll be in Kingston this week and, since archive posts date back a year or two, I thought I'd ask for recos here.

So, what's good in Kingston? I'll be there for one lunch and maybe one dinner.


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    1. I'd recommend Woodenheads for thin crust pizza at lunch and le Chien Noir for dinner.

      1. When in Kingston I head to Le Chien Noir for dinner. If I am spending more than one night I also enjoy Chez Piggy ( although I really don't enjoy the atmosphere the food is great), Woodenheads for thin crust pizza, and Pan Chancho for a great breakfast or fabulous items for a picnic lunch. We have also had some very good Indian food in Kingston but the name of the place escapes me. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building on Princess St. above a shoe store I believe.

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          Curry Village. Although I've heard it's moved to Ontario St.

          1. re: thenurse

            Actually, Curry Village is still on Princess St. The restaurant on Ontario is Curry Original. There were two brothers who originally owned Curry Village. In 2000, or so, one brother left and started Curry Original which is on Ontario.

        2. LOVE Pan Chancho for lunch too. Every time we drive to Montreal, my husband makes the requisite pit-stop at Pan Chancho for their inspired burger on their lovely back patio. YOu've got to love a place that bakes all its own bread, makes its own desserts and serves it up with flair!

          1. Casa Domenico's ($$$), Le Chien Noir, Chez Piggy's, Curry Original, Darbar, Woodenheads, Saigon Delights (lunch, cheap), Windmills, Pan Chancho, The Sleepless Goat (lunch or coffee), the list goes on... Kingston is an amazing place to dine out. It's a small town, but they've got a high concentration of talented chefs and most of the resto's are reasonably priced (unlike Ottawa :(