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Aug 20, 2006 08:44 AM

best korean in brooklyn

can anybody recommend a really incredible korean restaurant in the borough of brooklyn? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I've been looking for just that myself. I keep hoping that instead of another Thai or Japanese place on Smith Street, we will get a Korean place in Cobble Hill.

    1. i could be mistaken, and if so, someone feel free to correct me but i think there are only 2 korean restaurants that exist in brooklyn. one relatively new in williamsburg, i think... the other place is kimchee in bay ridge where i highly recommend. it's a family run place and service is always friendly and attentive. the food is very good as well. if you're interested in trying it out, kimchee is located at 93rd st and 3rd ave. goodluck in your search.

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        there have been several posts on Sushi Okdol, a Korean place on Myrtle, near Pratt:

        I heard a neighborhood rumor that a Korean place is opening near me in Prospect Hts but dont know whether that is true.

      2. I think the poster above is right. The Korean place in Williamsburg is Dokebi, at 199 Grand. Not all that good in my opinion, and purposefully aimed at non-Korean customers.

        There really isn't much of a Korean population in Brooklyn, so there are very few Korean restaurants. If you're willing to take recommendations in Queens however, the choices multiply greatly.

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          There will be a new Korean spot in Prospect Heights, Noona, at Vanderbilt and Pacific slated to open Sept. 12th. Not sure if there'll be BBQ.

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            Dokebi feels hipper than your average korean bbq joint, but my Korean friend and her mother are happy to have it in the neighborhood so they don't have to head into Manhattan if they're not in the mood.

          2. Ah yes, I should have qualified my post above by mentioning that, while there are very few restaurants in Brooklyn that call themselves "Korean", there are a number of "Japanese" restaurants in the borough, particularly sushi places, that are in fact Korean owned and operated and may serve some Korean dishes.

            1. Not the best by a long shot, but if you're ever in Cobble Hill for a weekday lunch...
              Henry's Express (Henry bt Atlantic & Pacific) has bulgogi one day a week (usually Wed or Thur). When I worked from home, it was a consistently affordable and good hot lunch spot.