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Aug 20, 2006 08:30 AM

good coffee in Long Beach?

Does anyone know where I can find really good coffee in Long Beach?

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  1. polly's on 2nd...roaster and coffee house.

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      1. I don't drink coffee, but coworkers who do have raved about Polly's. Hopefully spressogeek's experiences are outliers. Or simply differing tastes. Anyway, that's the only place I've heard of in LB that appears to be notable.

        1. For espresso in Long Beach, Aroma di Roma on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. It's at the eastern end of 2nd Street. For what IMHO is the best coffee/espresso/espresso drink in the area, go south on PCH to Main in Seal Beach, and hit Javatinis. They will custom roast a pound of beans for you in about 20 minutes, from a choice of a half dozen or so varieties.

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            I just went to Javatini's last night, but admittedly had a chai latte. It was very good, but good chai's much easier than good coffee. What coffee drinks do you recommend from there?

            Also, I had a friend who swore by Polly's, but I've been a bit wary about it. I'll give it a chance, but I find that most coffee places burn their coffee (overbrew). I just can't figure out how they get their espresso to taste burnt...

            Have you ever been to Portfolio on 4th or any Dowtown coffee shops? If so, what did you all think?

            Thanks for the thoughts. Long Beach has some really great restaurants; how could the coffee scene be so dispicable? Such low standards!

            1. re: la_vena

              Polly's coffee has never impressed me, and I've tried it many, many times as I used to office nearby. At Javatinis, I'm a latte or espresso kinda gal - my coffee needs to taste like coffee, not dessert. For home, I choose their Ethiopian beans, and have them roasted medium-dark (a #5, on their scale of 1-8). They make a full bodied, strong brew, with very little acid. For the office, I use Javatini's house blend. Haven't tried any of the downtown LB coffee spots, so I can't comment. Glad you enjoyed your chai latte at Javatinis - hope you enjoy their other offerings as much as I do.

          2. Re: Portfolio...I've had mixed experiences there. The one time I had coffee there, it was pretty good. Not burnt, which was a new experience for me in LB. The other time I went was an open mike night. I went around 10:30pm (they were closing at 11pm) and they had already shut down the steamers, so they were only serving tea or bottled juices. Really disappointing. And the staff can be a little rude.