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Aug 20, 2006 06:30 AM

Las Vegas ... any edible food at the Luxor?

Visiting there next month ... staying at Luxor (friend's choice) ... where's nearest good food? Maybe in walking distance? (Any type of food, any ethnicity)

Any places we need to avoid in that area?

I've read ALL of Feldman's recent reports ... NOBODY has mentioned the Luxor ... so I'm not expecting much!

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  1. I'm sure the restaurants in Luxor are ok, but in the price range they offer, no, I wouldn't try Isis or Luxor Steakhouse. That said, Mandalay Place, the walkway/mall that connects Luxor with Mandalay Bay, has some very good choices-Burger Bar has some of the best burgers you will ever have. RM seafood is a well regarded place. Plus, Mandalay Bay is right there, their restaurants are a shorter walk from Luxor than some of MGM's restaurants are from their own rooms. I have heard many good things about Fleur de Lys. I don't really have a ton of experience with the restaurants at Luxor or Mandalay because if you go by reviews, most of them don't measure up to the stiff competition, it seems.

    Tell you what, though...if I were you, I'd hop on the tram from Luxor to Excalibur, and walk across the street to MGM, probably the best collection of restaurants under one roof in the world, and not that mush walking, really. Fiamma at MGM is incredible, the food was flawless and the ambience was very cool. Some of the best steak I have ever had! Nobhill is also excellent, they give you so many good extras and if you like fish, it is a place to consider, definitely, and they have the best cocktails I have ever had. Emeril's had by far the best lobster I ever had, it really spoiled me, other lobster now tastes like crap in comparison.

    1. Mandalay bay and all the places in it are indeed just walking distance. Here is a recent post about the restaurants there.

      1. I would agree that Mandalay is within easy walking distance and better than anything in Luxor. In Mandalay Place, which is the mall between Luxor and Mandalay Bay proper, there is the aforementioned Burger Bar and also the Chocolate Swan. The Chocolate Swan has excellent pastries and great coffee for a morning stop.

        Once inside Mandalay Bay there are several options. Hubby and I really enjoy Raffles for great sandwiches and salads for a reasonable price. I would pick Raffles over the buffet, which we found to be only average. We also love Red Square for awesome martinis consumed on an ice bar, fun! The food there is pretty pricey, however, so we go there only for drinking.

        A lot of people love China Grill in the Mandalay, although we have never been. There is also Auerole, for those with fat expense accounts!

        I would defintely recommend the Verandah, which is located in the Four Seasons part of the Mandalay Bay. It is how the Four Seasons does a cafe and the decor and food are excellent. It is especially recommended for breakfast.

        Even though you are staying at the Luxor, you have plenty of options close to you. If you just don't want to leave Luxor and need a quick bite there is a food court in the pyramid section by the arcade and stuff, but nothing chow-worthy.

        1. As above I agree that your best closest option is Mandalay. HOWEVER, if you are a fan of prime rib, I think the prime rib @ Sir Galahad's is one of if not THE finest in LV. It is absolutely delicious, along with the fixins!

          1. It is true that there is remarkably little written about the food options at the Luxor here. Why don't you blaze some trails for us. Similarly, I can't remember much/anything about the places inside the Monte Carlo, the only hotel on the strip I've never entered.

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              Isn't the "other" Andres here? I went to the Monte Carlo once looking for something to do. It was easy to get to when connected to the Bellagio via monorail. As quickly as we got there we left. The place lacks any sort of panache. So VERY boring!