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Aug 20, 2006 06:29 AM

Parchment Paper or Silpat

Should I invest in a Silpat mat or stick with parchment paper? What is the benefits of one to the other, and the drawbacks?

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  1. I use both. Parchment paper is the way to go when I need to line a cake or tart pan or the top of a pot to hold something being braised, but for most cookies I use my Silpats. They're so handy under meat or vegetables when I am slowly roasting them and know they will tend to glue to the hotel pan or baking sheet, particularly if I don't want to add any extra oil to keep them from sticking.

    One thing to check: make sure the Silpats you buy will actually fit on whatever baking sheets you have.

    1. I'm with Jillp -- I still use both but love my Silpats. There are also recipes where you need the parchment to absorb some of the fat (butter) for a crisp product which, on Silpat, makes some of the pastry soggy.

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        I agree... I ADORE my silpats, but some cookies need the CRISP bottom, which Silpats seem to protect against. I made some Almond Blue Berry Cookies yesterday and they came out a big 'puffy', I wonder if I had done them on Parchment would they have been more crisp...


      2. Another vote for both, the silpats are good for really sticky/sugary things, but I like parchment when I am doing large or multiple batches. Silpats can take some time to cool between batches, parchment slides right off onto coling racks and can be reused.

        1. I use parchment for all my baking. I have two giant Silpats which I use for rolling pastry or any sticky dough. I haven't used them for baking because I find parchment works so well.

          1. Add me to the "Both" column. I love using silpat instead of greasing a baking sheet, but parchment is really handy to have for lining cake pans, rolling dough -- all those times when you need a particular shape or use.