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Where to go for Risotto?

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I just adore risotto.

Are there any good places in the L.A. area to try for risotto? Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. The best risotto I ever had was at Valentino.

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    1. One of the best I've had was at La Terza. It was a special at a Saturday lunch. Don't know if it's on the regular menu but certainly worth a call to find out.

      1. I have yet to visit but there is a new-ish restaurant on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, called (drum roll please...) Risotto.
        From what I've read, the postings on this board have been quite positive.

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          I work in Studio City! I will have to find this place. Thank you for the tip.

        2. Yes, at Max in Sherman Oaks, there is a mushrooom risotto with duck confit, arugula, parmesan and truffle oil. Yum!
          It is really rich, and even though a modest portion, you will not leave hungry!

          1. Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills. The risotto with shrimp and ginger has a wonderful flavor combination. You can taste the shrimp stock, but it isn't overpowering by any means.

            1. Russ and foodie21 are right on the mark. Valentino has had the finest risotto for the past two decades here in LA, and you pick the ingredients. Other joints will be very efficient, serve your table in 20 minutes with par-cooked ingredients, and claim to have a "risotto." Balderdash. Valentino has line cooks dedicated to making risotto, and it surely shows. Yes, it will take 30-40 minutes to prepare a proper risotto, but would you rather go to the dreaded Olive Garden? It is always a special extra course
              in my tasting menu. Enjoy.