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Aug 20, 2006 06:19 AM

Recommendations for Central E Side PHOENIX ... by Mesa College?

Hi ... this is 2nd post ... finally got the area we'll be staying in PHX ... am told it'll be by 60 & IH-10 by Mesa College.

Looking for any quality hole-in-the-wall or mom&pop places, any ethnicity, any type of food in that general area ... or convenient drive from there.

Thanks for your time & recommendations,

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  1. Well....

    I just want to be of some help before we get started. The intersection of 60/10 isn't close to Mesa Community College. It isn't far though - 6 miles.

    Oregano's, a local Italian chain is very close to the college. It's on the NW side of Dobson/Southern. The have ultra thin crust pizza, which you either like or you don't. But they do have very good sandwiches and salads.


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    1. re: mamamia

      Hey Mamamia,

      :-) Yeah ... the location I was given was approximate. For folks living in Houston ... being within 6 miles would be heaven! But thanks for your feedback.

      1. re: EdLagniappe

        Welcome to Phoenix, where 6 miles can take you 30 minutes! Enjoy your stay!

    2. Ed,

      Welcome to the Valley. Mamamia is correct. I-10 and U.S. 60 are miles from MCC.

      My advice is that if you are willing to travel to Tempe (which is adjacent to Mesa), you can find lots of little mom and pop ethnic places that are not at all expensive. I would recommend the following:

      Pita Jungle (Mediterranean)
      Cafe Lalibela (Ethiopian)
      Cafe Istanbul (Turkish)
      Thai Basil (Thai)
      Cornish Pasty Company (British)
      Harlow's Cafe (Breakfast/Brunch)

      All of these seem to get consistently favorable reviews, so I think you might like them.

      I wish I could give you much more info about the places around MCC, so I apologize, but others may be able to help you out.

      Again, welcome to the Valley of the Sun.

      1. Here's a link to a recent article in the Arizona Republic about two interesting Chinese restaurants in Mesa. We haven't tried either one but have put them on our list to try if we get over that way.

        Sarah C

        1. maybe 101 and 60 which is near MCC? If so:

          There's good Middle Eastern food at the corner of Dobson/Guadalupe which is just down the street from MCC. It's called Dobbi's(i may have the spelling wrong on's on the SE corner). It's attached to a middle eastern market called Giado's so if you're needing to pick up any yummy middle eastern ingredients this is the place to do it! Cheap, cheerful, and delicious.

          Tutti Santi is on the same corner. We like this for Italian...particularly the Linguine Vongole with with white wine. It's a bit spendy but delicious.

          Cyclo is good vietnamese food at Dobson/Chandler blvd about 5 miles directly south of MCC. Lots written here about this place. Don't miss Angel Sweet for gelato afterwards for dessert.

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          1. re: ziggylu

            It's remotely possible that there was a mis-communication & I got I-10 instead of 101. Guess I can be surprised when I get there :-) But ... as I mentioned above ... 6 mi isn't an inconvenient detour for good food. Before gas started to get pricey, we'd routinely drive 50 mi out of Houston for a favorite seafood place.

            I like the sound of your recommendations as well ...

            Ciao, Ed

          2. Los Dos Molinos, 260 S Alma School Rd Mesa, AZ, is known for it's hotter than average New Mexican style food. I've enjoyed a few lunches at this location. I have always arrived early - their parking lot is a bit small.

            I was also thinking 101 and 60 is closer to MCC. If you are near any one of these freeway intersections, you are in convenient driving range to a lot of places.