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Bar with good food for 20

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Hi, everyone. I want to pick your brains. On the Sunday after Labor Day, I need a bar, preferably in Manhattan, with good, not too expensive food, which can accomodate a rolling group of 20 or so. I'm going to give a figure of something like $35 as an upper limit for dinner, not including drinks, and the even trickier part of it is that this should also be a place where someone wearing a suit won't feel overdressed. Someone suggested Buddakan, but I would think that would be too expensive and also probably too much of a zoo.

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  1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I may need a bar with good for for Labor Day, too, and the number of people in attendance may be fewer then.

    1. You could try Half King. See if you can reserve one of their large tables in the front.

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        I definitely second Half King. I was with a large group (~30) there, and we got a private room that comfortably seated everyone. The food is great, not too pricey, and the service was wonderful, especially for such a large group. Even though the place is casual, it's not the kind of place where someone in a suit would feel uncomfortable; there's a nice high end pub feel to it.

      2. Choice Kitchen & Cocktails, on 3rd Av., b/t 27th & 28th Sts., opened a few months ago. I haven't tried it, but I have passed by and though it's not strictly speaking a bar, at certain hours they have a bar scene. The menu looks interesting, and I've read that the chef formerly cooked at Craft.


        1. Thanks, guys! Choice looks cool. What style of food does Half King serve?

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          1. stanton social

            japonais (the lounge upstairs)

            1. The guy who's organizing the get-together seems to be leaning toward 230 5th. I've previously seen rather negative appraisals of the place here, but Zak Pelaccio is their chef, and I've heard pretty positive remarks on the quality of his food at Fatty Crab. Please give me your appraisal of 230 5th.

              1. As I recall, the food at 230 Fifth is mainly composed of small, greasy, spicy appetizer/finger food items. It's not bad but I wouldn't want to eat it for dinner. I think it fulfills its function as something for when you're drinking with friends and forgot to eat beforehand.

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                  That really sucks! Why didn't that guy listen to me? :(