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Aug 20, 2006 03:16 AM

Good coffee near the Intercontinental

I have 7 (seven!) pages of notes about restaurants for a family trip to Toronto (leaving 8/20). I'm going to try to sneak one more crucial question in under the wire.

We're staying at the Intercontinental on Bloor St. I have notes about Moonbeam, Bulldog and Louie's for coffee, but what I really need is something that's just a 5 or 10 minute walk from the hotel. There's a Starbucks nearby, which will do, but something better and more interesting would be welcome. Where should I go when I want to run out for a latte and muffin?


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  1. Bar Mercurio. It's within a block or so of your hotel. (There are actually two of them, which ARE related. I've been to the one on the north side of Bloor just off St. George.)

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      Did you get a latte there? I've had two lattes and a cappucino from the south-east location, made by three different people. None of them were very good. I heard someone there makes a good latte, but it seems like they're never working. That said, the restaurant is really nice, and the coffee is way better than Starbucks.

    2. There's also 7 West, open 24 Hours at 7 Charles West. It's a nice little place, frequented by those who want to avoid the chains.

      1. Hopefully no one tears me a new one, but you might also want to try... Tim Horton's. There's one at Bloor W. and Bedford Road.

        I think it's good coffee, but it's not Starbucks. Not sure if you have them up in your area but it's the quintessential Canadian coffee chain, and you might find it "interesting" (as per your criteria).

        Welcome to Toronto! :)