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Aug 20, 2006 03:06 AM

Good curry los angeles/hollywood/westside area?

Can anyone recommend a good curry place (not too pricey) in the los angeles/hollywood/westside areas?

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  1. What kind of curry? Thai? Indian? Japanese? British?

    1. For Japanese-style: I like Curry House a lot (even though it is a chain and made from House-brand of Japanese curry mixes).

      For Thai/Indian, my faves are in the San Gabriel Valley, but in case you're still curious-- it's Salandang & Sitar (both Pasadena).

      1. For Indian curry, I love Curry House on Lankershim, just at the Universal City/North Hollywood border, just south of Moorpark st.

        It's small, family owned and is very affordable $9-$14 (shrimp dishes being on the high end) incl. lots of rice and naan.

        My mouth is watering right now.

        1. There's always India Sweets & Spices on Venice... that location needs a bit of housekeeping but the food's really good. The one on Sherman and Topanga Canyon is the cleanest.

          $4.50 gets you a ridiculous amount of food, enough for two people to eat.