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Aug 20, 2006 03:05 AM

Sushi Snob Seeks Solace in Pasadena

Recently moved to the area with the wife, who is not a huge raw fish fan. We're looking for presentation, rolls with flare and most of all, that extra chutzpah that separates Teriyaki Boy from Nobu...all the while we still want to be able to afford it.
We have tried Zebyre(sp?), Sushi of Naples and Sushi Roku. All were okay...Roku was so far the best...but it's not there. Is there that one secret spot in Pasadena where people who know "good fish" go?

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  1. Try Z Sushi at 1132 Garfield in Alhambra, essentially adjacent to San Marino. Probably the best in the area.

    Twoheys is also right there -- great burgers and chips.

    1. i second the plug for Z - in the san gabriel valley, Z is the only place near pasadena i'd recommend.

      1. matsuri on green just east of lake is decent. note i say decent, not stellar. slim pickins in the SGV that's for sure.

        1. Although it's not in Pasadena, I believe it's worth the 10 minute drive to the south east. Try Kiyosuzu Sushi on Baldwin (between Huntington and Duarte) in Arcadia. A small place and not the most organized but so what! I've only been there twice myself but was impressed with the freshness, the quality and the size of the fish served in their sushi nad sashimi. Try their Spicy Cat's Eye (tuna roll) and the Toro collar, they're delicious. Here's a good step by step photo review from a local who goes by Perceptorone on Chowhound...

          1. I third the Z Sushi recommendation and add Japon Bistro on Colorado. They create some of the most inventive, cooked rolls and dishes I've had. Definitely get the bass two ways. They also have an extensive sake list.

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              I'm a fan of Japon Bistro. They have these spicy tuna-stuffed peppers, tempura and fried, that I just can't get enough of. We've had good toro and stringy toro, excellent hamachi and some tasty, inventive rolls. I think Roku is so overpriced and average. Matsuri is OK, but I prefer Sushi of Naples to it. Out of all of them, I think we go to Japon the most (of course, it is closer to our house than all of them). But we also like the sake list; we always get bamboo princess, which is the most reasonably priced.