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Aug 20, 2006 02:24 AM

Pelagos Seafood in bayside

this is a good greek fish house alternative to astoria. fresh whole fish grilled perfectly with the usual olive oil/lemon. i highly recommend the black sea bass (if they have it) - flaky and sweet -though the other fish that i've had there are also delicious. crusty bread with quality olive oil for dipping. good apps includ: fried calamari (not your run of the mill- light and tender), fried smelts (tiny whole fish breaded and fried - a huge plate). the baked clams were fine, though not really out of the ordinary. the greek salad is truly fresh and pretty big, so a "small" is plenty to share for 2-3 people to go with your entrees. carafe of the house white wine goes well with the meal. service is generally quite good, atmosphere is lively, restaurant done all in blue/white/seafaring motif.

Pelagos Seafood
Bell Blvd. and 38th Ave.

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  1. Any seafood dishes other than grilled or deep fried?

    1. Do you have a phone number? I can't seem to find them on the web. Thanks.. I am looking for a place to go with my mother-in-law and my wife and kids this weekend, in or around Bayside. This would be great (other than the parking likely not being that great).

      Also, how are their prices?

      1. 718-717-7202

        their specialty seems to be grilled whole fish, though i remember seeing shrimp, scallops, grilled calamari, some seafood pasta on the menu. also a smaller menu of meat inc. lamb chops, steak, etc. entrees are about $20ish (they don't charge by the lb.). the fish are pretty big, so you could consider sharing.

        parking is not absolutely terrible, as it is located a little farther away from the main strip of bars/restaurants in bayside.

        1. I could not agree with you more. Pelagos is an authentic Greek restaurant with all right stuff. The service was warm and friendly not to mention the food was amazing. The red snapper was cooked to perfection,the Greek salad was heavenly and the portion where above avarage. Pelagos gave me the feeling of a Greek Tavern by the sea. It is a great addition to the Bayside area.

          1. We had dinner at Pelagos on Saturday night. Went with my mother-in-law and her friend and my family. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. We started with the appetizer sampler. A little pricey at $12 but it had decent size portions of 6 different salads. One person had the special soup, a Lobster Bisque, and said it was very good. My mother-in-law asked if they could do a shrimp with feta and tomato. The waiter (might have been the owner or manager) knew what she was talking about and said it would be no problem, so my wife ordered that as well. I asked about their whole fish and was told they had the black sea bass, so I ordered that based on the recommendation in the initial post. My daughter didn't find anything that interested her on the menu so the waiter said they could do chicken fingers. The shrimp was great, lots of reasonable sized shrimp, $19 (same price as the shrimp scampi on the menu). The chicken fingers was a decent sized portion on top of a huge portion of french fries ($10). My black sea bass was HUGE, and it was excellent -- nice and firm. I saw someone else with a red snapper and it looked large but it was nothing compared to the sea bass. And the price was only $22, same as the snapper would have been. I noticed the chef pulling fish out of an iced area in between him and the dining room, so I assume you can go up and check (and pick?) the fish, probably not a bad idea.

            After we finished, they brought everyone free dessert, some sort of Greek flan, which was a very nice touch. Service was a bit slow but the great food more than made up for it. My mother-in-law really liked it. I think she's going back for lunch, they have a bunch of $10 specials. Sadly, I forgot to pick up a menu.

            Parking wasn't all that bad, I was able to find a free spot one block in from Bell Blvd. I actually had forgotten that the movie theater closed.