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Aug 20, 2006 02:20 AM

Return of the Automat

Anyone walk past the soon-to-be-opening "Bamn!" on St. Mark's Place? Should be opening up pretty soon. Pretty cool for us nostalgic-folk who are old enough to remember Horn & Hardart's before they all morphed into Burger Kings and Starbucks.

Below is a link to a good article about it:

...and here is a link to their website:

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  1. An Automat without the food??? Bamn's coin-operated gimmick might work but the return of the Automat it ain't.

    1. "An Automat without the food??"

      Not sure what you mean. They will be serving food.

      According to the website...bite-sized burgers, mac & cheese, pizza, chicken strips, grilled cheese, hot dogs, pork buns, and lots of other great stuff - made fresh throughout the day.

      Aside from the novelty of piping hot food appearing like magic from behind the ornate slots...I remember the H&H baked beans, mac & cheese, chicken pot pie, and the coffee was the best in town.

      Can't wait for the return of the automat!

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      1. re: Fairfield Foodie

        Sorry, I'll try again. The food that Bamn is planning to serve sounds like it will be basic fast food popping out of windows. Might be fun, might even be "great stuff" (remains to be seen) but they're not going to recreate H&H recipes, are they? If that sounds like the return of the Automat, we'll have to agree to disagree.

        1. re: efdee

          Maybe I'm just being nutty, but I'm pretty sure there were, and still are, plenty of operating automats out there that don't make use of H&H recipes. Sure, it'd be nice if they could thoroughly recreate an experience that would satisfy your specific nostalgia, but if you're in a restaurant and you put in coins to pull out lunch... Automat!

      2. Very well put big o. Yes, there ARE automats out there...mainly in Europe. I think efdee was pining for Horn & Hardart's...which, incidentally, DO exist in Philadelphia and New Jersey. However, these are H&H in name coin ops, no mac & cheese. They are basically a Starbuck's clone.

        1. They are open as of today. I plan on stopping by after work...

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          1. I thought Pret A Manger went for the whole automat look thing when they first opened...