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gift certificate for an upscale San Francisco restaurant

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I am looking to give my brother who recently got married a gift certificate for a nice, upscale restaurant in SF. My brother eats fish and no other meat. please give me suggestions.

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  1. Maybe Farallon?

    1. Aqua would fit the bill.


      1. Definitely Aqua. It's fabulous.

        1. Farallon is a huge disappoint. Aqua is fabulous. If it's too pricey Yabbie's is wonderful for seafood.

          1. i've gone to aqua a couple of times and been disappointed--the food is good, but doesn't blow me over with innovation, and i find it to be stuffy and often has an older businessy crowd.

            slanted door is my suggestion--lots of non meat options, interesting and delicious food.