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Aug 20, 2006 02:02 AM

chinese recommendations in the sgv? mission 261?

i haven't had much in the way of great chinese food since relocating from nyc. i was thinking of checking out mission 261 for dim sum on monday. anyone with any thoughts on this palce? or somewhere else in the alhambra/monterey park/san gabriel area that i should try. i tend to prefer hong kong style, but am open to anything good.


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  1. The plus to dining at Mission 261 is that it is one of the few dim sum places that has a beautiful dining area. However, many on the board have commented on the rather high price relative to the quality of food, and I would have to agree. Also, be aware that menu style dim sum is catching on, so if you want the cart experience, you won't find it at some places such as Mission 261, Sea Harbor, etc.

    This will likely open some debate, but my personal fave remains to be 888 Seafood, on Valley. I tried Triumphal Palace yesterday, and found it to be ok. However, I have not been to New Concept on Atlantic, which seems to get a lot of good reviews. Hope you enjoy.

    1. I personally like 888 Sea Food in Rosemead, though MPV in Alhambra is also very good.

      My mom and family relatives liked the dim sum at 261, but all complained that it wasn't worth the price.

      Here's my brief web guide to Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. I hope it's helpful:

      1. my chinese family and i like the dim sum at sea harbour the best, but it is not "cart" dim sum.

        we love the baked bao, shark's fin won ton individual serving soup, all the steamed dumplings, and don't miss the deep fried bitter melon balls filled with black sesame paste for dessert. we practically only go for that one dish!

        also, if you're just looking for dumplings, i'd suggest din tai fung in arcadia. controversial on this board, but we're addicted. the deep fried crispy chicken wings with scallions and chiles next door are amazing at phoenix. we also love the black rice with young coconut for dessert.

        enjoy...and long life.

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          Din Tai Fung, controversial or not, does not serve dim sum.

          We have always liked NBC, with cart service. Just another place to check out. Mission 261 will take reservations, an advantage if you come with a large and unruly group.

        2. May I recommend Capital Seafood @ Atlantic and Garvey over in Monterey Park. Mission is excellent but too expensive. Sea Harbour is supremo, too. But, I do love the cart style at Capital.

          Check this thread for more info:

          1. i'd recommend mpv seafood for good (if not great) cantonese-style seafood.